Keep connected was developed in the early years of Internet using dial-up ISPs. Where you could only remain connected to the Internet for a maximum of two hours. Therefore downloading large software taking several hours was constantly difficult to do without some sort of program to automatically reconnect you to the Internet.

All programs at the time failed to do this reliably. So I wrote this program which won CNET editors choice award back in 2002. I had excellent feedback from my customers but unfortunately only several copies ever sold. Early versions of the program were hacked and distributed illegally which basically killed my software development and motivation.


Tired of pressing reconnect buttons ? Wish your PC would take care of connection failures and re-dials for you ? Keep Connected is a automatic reconnection program which will reconnect you with ease every time! Keep Connected can also press ANY button so no more worries about connection dialogs filling up up your screen! If that wasn't enough we have now added "Anti-Idle" technology and much more!

Intelligent reconnect technology.

Keep Connected has 2 modes of operation. Firstly there is a easy and simple off-line check. Upon disconnection keep Connected will see you are off-line and automatically reconnect you. Should connection fail at anytime Keep Connected will keep trying until a successful connection has been established. The user can of course cancel at any point.

Secondly, Keep Connected can click on the "Reconnect..." buttons for you. Normally when you get disconnected from you ISP you will be asked if you wish to reconnect or not. Keep Connected can check for this and act accordingly to user preference. It does not have to stop at the reconnect button, Keep Connected can click on any button which makes it fully customizable to any events.

Keep Connected is also perfect for pressing those annoying OK buttons which fill up your screen with some download managers. There's nothing worse than 20 boxes on your screen saying "Download failed". Use Keep connected to Automate these boxes for you!

New Anti-Idle Technology added

It has been requested from our users that this function would be of great benefit to them, so we added it! This will keep your line busy so you won't get disconnected for being idle. This leaves you free to chat in piece or wait for your E-mail's without constant disconnection's. We took this one step further and added in a auto shutoff function so it wont slow down your downloads! When your download finishes Keep Connected will kick back in and keep your line busy.

We listen to YOU!

We hope to provide our users with the very best support we can. If you have a problem or a suggestion then please E-mail us! We will try our very best to help you. Registered users get priority support and in most case get a reply within a few hours at most.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide bug-free easy to use software. Keep Connected was born since there was little software out there which worked correctly or did what we wanted it to do. Program problems or errors are delt with the same day we receive the report. Updates are normally available the very next day. We hope to clear problems as quick as possible. We won't leave you waiting weeks for replies to support E-mail's like some other companies do!

If you think you have found a bug or a problem in our software then please e-mails us and we will look into the problem. Depending on the nature of the problem we aim to have a update out the very next day. A list of main updates are listed in the HISTORY which can be found at the menu bar at the top of this page. Please also don't forget to check out the FAQ and the main HELP from the menu bar aswell!





CNET Editors Choice JAN/2002

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Terms and conditions.

The Keep Connected program and documentation is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on part of the developer or vendor. No warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made with respect to the quality,accuracy or fitness for any particular part of the program or documentation. In no event shall the developer or vendor be liable for direct,indirect,special,incidental or consequential damages, miss-use or use, or any defect or error in this product.

Product names appearing in the documents are for identification purposes only and trademarks and product names or brand names appearing in the documents are property of their respective owners.Keep Connected is copyright to cps-electronics and may not be sold, reproduced or decompiled without express permission from the developer.

Dial-up Automation and "Idling" software are in violation of some ISP Terms and Conditions. It is the sole responsibility of the User to check for any such violations of terms before they use this software.

Registered versions of Keep Connected are NOT transferable to other computers/systems.



Last updated July 16, 2004