Options Descriptions. Click buttons or menus for more information.
Must be Turned on else Keep Connected won't do anything at all.
Will dial your selected dialup name when disconnected.
Will drop your line if no data in is detected after 1 minute by default.
Makes Keep Connected stay in focus all the time.
Flashes red/green when data in is detected.
Use this to program in button events.
Shows green if your online, Red if off-line.
Exits Keep Connected.
Brings up advanced options menu.
Shows if the Timer is active or not.
NOTES: All buttons are GREEN when on and RED when off.
  For a Getting Started Guide Click HERE or F.A.Q. HERE


Slider Options. Click on the images for more info.
Move the pointer to Select the Event pause in seconds. Default marker is 20 seconds.
Move the pointer to select idle data rate. Default marker is 0.5 second (500ms) Trip time..
Advanced Options. Click on the images for more info.
Used to set the no data in time. Used with the DROP button. Default marker is 1 minute.
Sets you Off-line IP address. **(NO LONGER USED)**
Sets your IP address to Ping.

Select check for updates when Keep Connected start.

Used to select when and when no Keep connected is active.
Connections List. Click on the images for more info.
Displays all your configured button events. This list shows that the Reconnect button will be pressed when the "Reestablish Connection" box comes up. The list also shows that Keep Connected will press the Download Accelerator Error buttons for you also.

Dial-up name. This is the connection which is dialed when the REDIAL option is turned on.

Note: "fast24" is a example Connection name only.

Registration codes. Click on the images for more info.

RENT NUMBER. Lists a program generated RENT key number and allows you to enter you rental registration code.

FULL REGISTRATION. Lists a program generated KEY CODE which allows you to enter the full registration key code.


Last updated March 7, 2023