Version 1.00 First Beta version without GUI, rough and ready test version ( Actually kept our Test machine online for 2 months!)

Version 1.10 More test runs with basic code and various bug fixes.

Versions 1.20 Saw the adding of the GUI and registration key generation.

Version 1.22 Fixed the loader code for the config files as it was causing some errors on loading corrupt files.

Version 1.24 A lot of code tidying and optimizing when into this version.

Version 1.28 Beta Test 2 with full GUI.

Version 1.30 Was our first release. Versions prior to this were Beta versions and were not commonly available.

Version 1.33 Saw a minor fix relating to the GET-IT function where it was on occasions not getting focus at the correct time during the function. Windows was interrupting the user clicks by stealing focus.

Version 1.34 Saw the new delay slide bar allowing the user to select even pause times. This was added as 20 seconds seemed like forever when it was controlling events.

Version 1.36 We updated the setup files to include newer system updates.

Version 1.39 A few minor tweaks and a small bug was corrected in this version relating to a rare lockup with some dial-up screens.

Version 1.40 We found a small error in the list controls where if a user tried to grab window buttons while it was doing checks then it would result in new window buttons been placed random in the list. Users don't need to update unless the forget to turn ACTIVE off before grabbing window buttons.

Version 1.65 Timer Control has been given a small boost. On load event activation error solved. Extended time event upto 1 hour added by double clickon on the Slider text.

Version 1.79 A few minor tweaks and a little code tidying. Loadevent press on startup fixed. Help files updated.Small error was fixed in the operation when minimized.

With Anti-idle Technology now added only registered users will be able to use this function. The options are not functional in the trial versions. All version numbers are the same for Trial versions and Registered versions.

Version 1.80 Anti-Idle technology Added.

Version 1.81 Pause options AFTER and BEFORE added. Small Trial count error fixed.

Version 1.83 Fixed Idle Control time-out problem. Event list menu updated and fixed. Auto update check added.

Version 1.86 New options added. Fixed XP crash problems. Fixed strange rare random error with the GET IT function. Auto-update currently not working due to problem running under XP.

Version 1.91 Auto-update now working in XP. DATA IN and DROP functions now added and working.

Version 1.97 Fixed trial count issues and problem with trial version quitting after a few seconds.

Version 1.98 Fixed the DROP option since it was hanging up Internet connection even when it was turned off.

Version 2.11 Rearrangement of some options. A few more options added. Updated help system.

Version 2.13 Fixed a small error with the "Registration Error" box. Auto update re-worked.

Version 2.14 Idle timer was being paused while event list pause was active. Issue resolved.

Version 2.15 Fixed list clearing problem when options menu was exited.

Version 2.15 Update fixes a list erasure problem.

Version 2.16 Added small Redial delay.

Version 2.17 Fixed OnTop bug with the Option menu.

Version 2.18 fixed ini location problems (please copy config.ini and ip.ini from the windows folder to the keep connected programs folder if you wish to keep your settings)

Version 2.30 BETA New Rental and new Registration structure added. Demo/trial version no longer avaliable. Full useage allowed for now rental version. New automatic update program added. Options menu now shows registration codes and "copy and paste" friendly. New minimize to try code added with new icon and constant flicker solved. KC passwords no longer required.

Version 2.38 Resolved a issue where Keep Connected could crash with a "overflow" error. Improved Offline detection code, LAN IP conflicts now solved. Disconnect IP address removed since no longer required, Internet Status listed instead. Corrected URL's in Help files.

Version 2.42 Resolved a second issue involving a overflow error. cps-games update servers are now offline and replaced with cps-electronics servers.

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