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Tim's Atari
 MIDI World

MIDI and the World of Atari Computers

Welcome to Tims Atari MIDI World.
Here you will find information and downloads on a wide variety of MIDI applications for the Atari platform, along with other items of interest. With the Built-in MIDI ports, Atari quickly became the platform of choice among musicians. Even today, in the world of high speed Pentiums and iMacs, Atari has remained the platform of choice for MIDI work for those that started on the platform as well as new comers wanting to start out on MIDI explorations.

Atari was on the scene when MIDI applications first came out. Thus there were applications that verged on the edge of discovery and exploration along with creativity and interaction between man and machine.

Today there is a large Internet community of loyal Atarians dedicated to their platform. New applications are still being developed as well as "clones" of the operating system known as TOS.There is also emulation software for PC and Mac to enable these unusual Atari programs to be used by those that do not have real Atari machines.

It is an honor to represent the many programmers and companies of these applications which would otherwise be lost into software oblivion, thus preserving the heritage that is Atari.


If you have enjoyed this site and it has been of use to you, I would be happy to accept any donations to continue this service.

(Donate button removed as Tim passed away in 2009 http://tim-conrardy.last-memories.com/ )


A fan of my site (Pierre Boquethas) created an 'alternate' TAMW.( Tims Atari MIDI World) It is presented in Atari fashion which uses the original Atari desktop selector to navigate thru the pages. The main purpose is to preserve the tutorials and information and to make it easily printable and viewable. The screenshots are also viewable inside a Atari SM124 monochrome monitor simulation. Thank you Pierre! Check it out here:

  • The "Alternate" TAMW.

    Feb 22,2007

    NEW: The Hotz MIDI Translator is now downloadable directly from the Hotz MIDI Translator page as Accordance gave thier permission. See the Hotz MIDI Translator page for more info.

    Feb 18th, 2007

    NEW: downloadable version of Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse now available.See my Music Mouse page for more info.



    DXpert by Five Pin Din Software . Lawrence Wilkes
    Released as Freeware 5-17-04

    DXpert is a an editor and patch organizer for the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. You can load banks of patches, move them around by the drag and drop method, as well as an extremely easy to use and comprehensive editor. Random patch creation is also possible.What also makes this application unique is that you can load and edit standard sysex files for the DX7 that can be found in plenty on the internet.

    DXpert can be found about ceneter stage on the DX7 page. The TAMW DX7 page


    Just added the completed condenced version of all the GenEdit Templates provided by Joe Hlifka.This is all the templates that were made for GenEdit in one easy download, and zipped according to manufacturer. Thanks to Joe for a job well done. See the Hybrids Arts page for the templates:

    The Hybrid Arts Page


    Lots of Atari-MIDI NEWS:

    1. Just got a mail from Frank Balde ( Creator of Midi-draw) and he has resurrected his Atari and has created for us an unprotected version of his hard to find and unique program DIABLO


    Diablo for the Atari ST is a powerful way to make music graphically. Diablo makes drawing with the mouse a musical performance. Use Diablo all by itself or in conjunction with your favorite sequencer to make music making fun and easy.


    Diablo is now released as Freeware December 2003

    Get it here:
    I will be working on a page for it, but in the meantime, enjoy the program. No docs yet, but I am working on it!I would appreciate any feedback.

    BTW: found out it does not work well on a Falcon. Works great on my mega STe however! Very close to MIDI draw as it's a mouse play program but lots of neat features and sounds as well. Check it out!

    2. MUP 4.6 Music Publisher for Atari FreeMiNT

    Martin Tarenskeen has put together a music puplishing program. Now also available as SpareMiNT RPM package for Atari FreeMiNT ! MUP (Music Publisher) version 4.6 from Arkkra Enterprises ( http://www.arkkra.com ) is a shareware Music Typesetting program that can also output standard MIDI files.

    The SpareMiNT RPM packages can be found here:
    Download from there the following packages:
    I compiled mup with -m68020-60, so you need at least a 68020 and an FPU for this version.
    If you have such hardware and have installed FreeMiNT I can highly recommend this software. Give it a serious try.

    Martin Tarenskeen

    3.AUDOTRACKER 2.01 now available

    Thomas Raukamp informed me that version 2.01 of the HD-recording-program "Audiotracker" is available. SCSI-drives are supported again, so this is an important updates. Audiotracker is only available via snailmail from:

    Gerhard Knapienski
    Flemingstraße 4
    D-30880 Laatzen

    Please include a small payment for postal costs and a blank hd-disc.

    NEW VERSION of Hybrid Arts GenEdit !

    I am now happy to announce the availability of a new version of GenEdit. The original v1.1 did not really work very well. It is now ver 2.02. Thanks is due to the long persuance of Joe Hlifka (of Albuquerque, New Mexico) and his team. Joe has prepared three discs along with an excellent tutorial/manual and example files. Not only this but will be making available in the near future a CD ROM of the complete system. Check it all out on The Hybrid Arts Page

    FAQ page Updated

    Added some more info and links to the FAQ page including a link to a source for 720KB discs on-line for a good price.


    Go here for the The Hotz Box Photo Gallery These photos were supplied by Joe Ruszkowski who was/is selling his Hotz Box. They show many details on the Hotz Box including the many aux outputs, MIDI ports and the rather large Atari logo!

    More MP3's added

    Added some more MP3's to the music page. These include pieces using Pulsar,( Elbereth) Autobusk ( Tribal Union) and Tunesmith.( Dark nebulae) These pieces also showcase these programs controlling softsynths on a PC as well as using a MIDI guitar controller giving it a unique sound. Check them out!

    Also updated the forums page with the Notator User group, the Atari-MIDI programmers forum as well as the CN-Fractal Music forum.

    If you have any comments on the Mp3's please drop me a line.


    The NEW TAMW

    I have now revamped this site. I hope you like the new look. There are still programs on the download page that will need to be downloaded and linked from the yahoo group file sections. Please bear with me there. However you can access all the programs from thier respective pages.

    Several new pages: The Forums page, listing all the forums that are Atari-MIDI related. This does not include other Atari related forums. Also the Articles page with links to articles I have done with MyAtari magizine. The bottom has a link to the Atari Notes page as well: my tribute to Derek Johnson.

    I would like to thank Rob Mahler of Atari-users.net for kindly donating the space for this site as well as all the extra files that had to be uploaded due to the yahoo group changeover. This also includes a large upload for the RealTime Manual (in PDF format) which was 8 megs by itself! You can click on the banner above and have a visit to the main Atari-users.net site.

    Thank you all for your support. Time to play music!


    Important Notice

    As of Aug 7th, 2003, Yahoo groups is no longer allowing public access to the file sections. You will need to become a member of that particular Yahoo group to be able to access these files . This affects TAMW as there are a lot of links directly to the software on these file sections. This means, I will be moving the actual files as well as re-creating the pages and links to those files. This will take time. If you come across a file that you cannot access on these pages, you can wait until I re-create the page, or simply join the Group.( Atari-MIDI or Atari-MIDI Archives) Details below.You can choose as an option when joining for WEB ONLY and then you can access the files. Please be patient as I am reworking these pages.

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    Simply click "JOIN THIS GROUP? " and follow the instructions. Click WEB ONLY if you do not want to recieve messages to your in-box. Be sure to create a Yahoo profile as well as this will allow you into the file sections.

    Tim Conrardy

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