Why I cannot ship other store items with the H5 motherboards

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Why I cannot ship other store items with the H5 motherboards

Post by exxos »

While people "don't get why" I can't do this, nothing is ever so simple unfortunately.

Firstly the motherboard boxes were custom made as small as possible to keep them as a small parcel for overseas orders. This keeps postage costs as low as possible. Plus there is no room in the boxes for anything else as they are only 3cm high and double walled cardboard. There is enough room for a couple turns of bubblewrap and that is it.

So can't I just use a larger box ? Short answer no. Aside from I don't have space to store anymore boxes, I would have to buy them in a few at a time which would cost a small fortune. Shipping costs quickly ramp to courier levels and a £10 post can total over £60. I bulk buy small shipping boxes so they are more like 30p not £5+.

Aside from that, it's a lot quicker and easier for us to operate this way. When I shipped a few small items with motherboards before, it was a nightmare trying to get stuff to fit in the box. Plus we ended up in such a mess that we had to unpack the motherboards we had spent all day packing as parts dropped out while packing them up and we didn't know which boxes they came out of. So we ended up almost packing them twice.

Also packing the boxes is a actually a 2 person job. So we pre-pack them on weekends when I can help. This way they can be shipped out in days not weeks. It is also safer to ship motherboards on their own, as trying to ship them with think every like a power supply.. It would just create a unnecessarily large mostly empty box and not take the risk of things getting broken in transit.

So you can't have cheaper postage prices AND order everything you want at once. While this is a "blanket statement", it's honestly cheaper in a lot of cases to do 2 separate orders for other items than ship a larger box. This is the cheapest overall option and best compromise.

Also Please note that you should not order more than two motherboards in a single transaction. The store will likely allow this, but after two motherboards are packaged, it goes over the small parcel limit into a large parcel which the postage will likely be considerably more. In which case your order will be delayed and you will need to pay additional postage costs which could be around the £60 mark. Your order will not be shipped until the matter is resolved.
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Re: Why I cannot ship other store items with the H5 motherboards

Post by JezC »

Hi @exxos that's absolutely fine with me. Quite happy to place the second order.
Gives me a better chance to see what I need to finish off some of the other projects as well.

Appreciate all your time and effort as always.
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