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TF1260 FAQ

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Since the average amiga user seems to be too stupid or too stubborn to read the the 1 page readme file with the TF1260 fw let me do an FAQ here. The number really stupid myths being spread about by people who do not even have a TF is really incredible.

Q. Do I need a custom ROM for the TF1260.
A. No. If you want to boot directly off the TF IDE then you need a custom ROM. However you can soft load this from the onboard A1200 IDE by adding the following to your startup-sequence. The machine will reboot and load from the highest priority drive.

LoadModule devs:ehide.device

If you dont already have loadmodule get it from here.

Q. Which motherboards are tested with the TF1260. 1D1 doesn't work right?
A. 1D1 is the main board I use for development. Its well tested. The following have been tested.

A1200 R2B + Mask ROMS/EPROMS
A1200 1D4 + Mask ROMS
ReA1200 1D4 + EPROMS
A1200 1D1 + Mask ROMS.

Q. Does the TF1260 have a PLL? It just divides clocks right.
A. The TF1260 has a PLL and multiplies up from a base frequency of 25Mhz.

Q. I dont see any performance improvement over the old beta.
A. If you just use Sysinfo and bustest to check fast ram thats all you will see. These tools are limited in what they test. In real life use its much faster.

Q. Is a problem with my motherboard version... when i try 66mhz it freezes...?
A. If your board boots at 50Mhz there is no problem with your motherboard.

Q. Why cant i run my CPU at XX Mhz.. it worked on the old beta.
A. The new firmware works the CPU much harder. It does not change down to 14mhz now so your CPU will run much hotter.

Q. What speeds do rev X get..
A. Rev6 94/100Mhz, Rev4 94/100Mhz, Rev5 50Mhz (maybe 60), Rev1 50Mhz.

Q. What frequency steps are available?
A. These steps are available

62.5 Mhz
66.667Mhz (select 67 in cpuspeed)
78 Mhz
82.5 Mhz
93.75 Mhz (Select 94 in cpuspeed)
125Mhz (if you fancy a laugh)

Q. When i upgraded my firmware and try to use cpuspeed it crashes.. even trying to set 50Mhz.
A. You must upgrade cpuspeed to use the new firmware. Some of the clocking functionality is in that tool as it will not fit in the CPLD.

Notice. Do not compare the new FW with the old Beta. There is no value whatsoever in this comparison. The new FW uses wires that were not used on the beta, approaches almost every aspect of the design in a different way. Its like comparing software that worked on Windows 10 vs Windows 98.
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