Guidance on using Greaseweazle wanted

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Guidance on using Greaseweazle wanted

Post by Pny »

Seeking guidance on ripping Atari ST disks with Greaseweazle

I've now read a few dussins of Atari ST disks with the Greaseweazle device. Some probably formatted by me, back in the days, using third party Atari disk utilities using a non-standard format (such as >80 sectors). Some of the resulting disk images can be read correctly using hatari emulator, while others show their files but have all files corrupt if trying to use them with their applications. My guess is the corrupt disks have been converted to images using the wrong disk format setting...(?)

A few questions:
* Is there a good online guidance using the Greaseweazle tools from an Atari ST perspective?
* Is there a way to determine the format of a physical Atari ST disk using the greaseweazle HW interface?
* Is there a way to determine what formats my actual PC floppy drive HW supports?

I've figured out the greaseweazle hardware can be used with multiple softwares with different disk format support... Although it is unclear if all floppy drive HW can support all formats.

The Greaseweazle SW supporting single and duble sided disks with 9-11 sectors and 80 tracks.
The FluxEngine SW supporting single and double sided disks with 9-10 sectors and 80/82 tracks.

I'm using a Greaseweazle v.4.1 HW and a Sony MPF920-E drive under windows.

The tools I've used:

Greaseweazle software

Fluxengine, alternative SW frontend

HxC floppy emulator, for looking at images

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Guidance on using Greaseweazle wanted

Post by rubber_jonnie »

Not sure if you've joined the GW group on Facebook GW on FB, but I think you're more likely to get the answers you need there as the devs are often on and do reply to queries.
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