Crash Course in MSX

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Crash Course in MSX

Post by juz400 »

I thought I knew a bit about the MSX range over the years but there was quite a bit I didnt!
The SCC sound chip was a magical addition to the Konami games that it came with but I never knew of all the others!
Cartridge port expanders? Video chips via Cartridge port?

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Re: Crash Course in MSX

Post by terriblefire »

The cartridge ports have a sound in line. But not video
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Re: Crash Course in MSX

Post by Laupert »

I agree that the SCC is nice, but there are a few demos that really shows off the PSG (and MSX1!) too:

The MSX cartridge port is really versatile. As @terriblefire mentions there is no video in line, but you could even do 32k color video capture via an add-on for one of the V9990 cartridges.

I've never had a V9990, but that might just be my next upgrade.
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