The "Ultimate Virus Killer 2000" is the de-facto industry standard virus killer for Atari ST, TT and Falcon systems, as well as Atari emulators such as "PacifiST", "GEMulator" or "STeem". The program started its existence somewhere around the end of 1987, and has persisted through all this time. A dependable and robust program, the "UVK 2000" is the only Atari virus killer that has been supported for 14 years! The current version of "UVK 2000" is 9.0, which was released April 12th 2004. You can download it using the link below.

This is NOT a program intended for PCs or compatible, Windows, DOS, Unix or anything other than Atari systems!


Click here to download "UVK 2000" 9.0 (471 Kb ZIP file)

Click here to download the "UVK 2000" book on-disk 1.0 (334 Kb ZIP file)


Complete list of Atari ST/TT/Falcon viruses

"UVK 2000" history, version by version


UVK author hangs out over at ST-NEWS