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All of Electronic Cow's music software is now freeware. Click on the links below to download the programs. In response to repeated enquiries we've added an electronic (HTML-formatted) version of the manuals on each of the product pages. There are also a limited supply of properly printed and boxed manuals for EC-909, Squash it! and Scribble Synth (all others are sold out). If you want one, click here for more details...

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all the folk who supported the Cow Project over the past three years. It's been fun... we've never been in it for the money, but because we lost quite a lot of it and because we no longer have any more time to spare (so don't expect upgrades, bug-fixes or new software), putting out all this software for free for everyone to enjoy seemed like a sensible idea.

So, download and enjoy!

EC-909 EC-909 Squash it! Squash it!
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