By C.Swinson (c) 2002


This guide will take you through what is necessary to dismantle the STE in order to fit our HD Controller module. We chose the STE since theres a bit more involved in taking it apart. The STFM users can still use this guide but will find theres a few steps they can skip.

Before you start make sure you are in a well lit room with plenty of space to work with. We highly recommend you read the whole manual through at least once before you start.

All images were taken with a manual focus webcam. They may look a little strange and bent like the picture below.

Here is our STE ready for dismantle.

Unplug everything from the ST and turn it upside down. You will notice 4 square holes on the bottom which have screws in them. Take the screws out and make a note where you took them from.

At the top end of the image ( front of the ST ) there are 3 round holes. Take the screws out, make a note where you took them from.

You will notice the screws in the square holes are slightly longer than the 3 which you took form the round holes. It is important you make a note of that!

Lastly, there are 3 other round hole to the right of the picture. They are under the ST's disc drive. Take those 3 out. Make a note where you took them from. They are fairly long screws.

Turn the ST back over and the top part of the case will pull off. It does tend to get stuck around the disc drive so will need a bit of a pull to get it off. Make sure you don't have a disc in the drive since it will be harder as the drive eject button will be sticking out more.

Once the case is off you can lift the keyboard forward a little. Don't pull it right out since you will need to pull out the keyboard wires first.

At the rear of the disc drive there is a metal shield. 2 screw are removed and the shield. will lift off.

Note from here onwards the screws are not self tapers like found on the case.

The disc drive is then unplugged.
Now remove all the screws around the larger metal shield.
Take out the 3 screws on the back of the shield.
You will find around the shield. some small metal tabs which are bent like the one shown.
The tabs need all be straightened like the one shown.
Remove the cover and You will then see the power supply.
The 2 bottom screws just to the sides of the power supply are removed.
The PSU plug is also removed.
Locate the 3 screws at the front of the ST and remove them. Also don't forget to straighten the metal tabs.
Lift the ST out of the bottom of the case. To do this lift it up slightly at the front and pull it forwards.
The ST top metal shield. is now ready to be removed. Make sure there are no metal tabs which could stop it from coming apart.
Be careful when You lift as the SIMM's are right next to a part of the case and the case will catch them.
The back of the ST has a shield. which needs to be removed.
A flat screwdriver under the shield. will be needed to remove it. It will get stuck around the connectors and in particular the Phono sockets. It will take a bit of doing to get it removed.
The back shield. is moved out of the way.
You will find one more screw which is just to the right of the power socket ( on the far right ). Once removed the power supply will be able to come out.
PSU is removed.
On the back all the screw around the connectors need to be removed. The metal shield. will then be able to come off totally.
The main ST's motherboard will then be able to be removed from the bottom metal shield.
It is a good idea to keep the screws next to what You took them off. We put the 3 PSU screws next to the PSU.
The screws removed from the back connectors are put with the back shield.
The PSU shield. screws are also put with the shielding.
2 screws for the floppy shield. The floppy shield. (shown at bottom of image ) will probably need to be left off since it could get in the way of the external HD socket. 3 long screws for the floppy drive (top of image ).
The case screws put with the case.