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PART 28 - Falcon ROM Wait States

Last updated August 9, 2018


A lot of Falcon's had slower ROM's meaning Atari had to use "wait states" in order to slow the ROM access speed down. You can however update the ROM with a "Fast ROM" as sold in my STORE and update the solder links on the falcon to use the faster ROM access speeds. This will give your machine a small speed boost!

The image above shows the solder locations on U46 pads to enable zero wait states.

Below is a benchmark of before and after the fast ROM is fitted.


The jumper speed settings I have found as stated below.

Where 1 is soldered, and 0 is open. %= ROM speed test in GB5.

10010000 165%
10110000 196%
10100000 142%
10000000 196% (reserved)


A better benchmark using GB6..