Rigol DS1052E switch servicing fix

Last updated March 6, 2023

My Rigol DS1052E scope seems to have developed the common fault of iffy rotary switches. I brought this new and had it a few years, but it's not like it's had a massive amount of usage either. As others seem to have said on the Internet, this is pretty terrible for something like this to fail so easily.

So I took it to bits, and rather than replace the switches, I thought i would flood them with contact lubricant. There is a small slot in the side, so I sprayed in that gap while spinning the switch around. I personally hate these partly open type switches as they are just prone for dust to enter them, similar with open frame presets and trimmers, they are just terrible.

This took about a now to complete. The annoying thing is there is some sort of space thing around the mains socket which is in the way of the screws preventing the back from coming off easily. In the end I just jammed a screwdriver under it and levered it over the screws to free it up.

Another annoying thing is that you have to remove the power supply board just to get out one screw underneath to free the front panel off :roll: I did not bother putting that screw back in case I need to dismantle it again later for some reason.

Once the switches were sprayed, I fitted the power supply board back in and powered it up disassembled and it seems to have solved the problem.. At least for now.