Compiled programs may need patching with the 2014 STOS PATCHER


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Seven Galaxies 1993 platformer from Ian Wilkinson and Dan Walton Shootem up Builder Kit 1990 shoot em up from Ian Blair
Shrinking Wall Solitaire Solitaire card game Silly Reels-1994 Simulation slot machine by Tony Greenwood
Sim Pig 1991 Strategy game Skate Tribe Arcade/Sports game by J.M Wood and Christopher Guard
Skyfighter 1993 shoot em up by Andrew R Gillett Slider 1989 puzzle game
Slime Nemesis 1991 Arcade game by Stephen Allen Slippery Sid 1989 Arcade game by Neil Scrimgeour
Slot Machine 1991 by Mike Afford Slug 1992 puzzle game by Ben John
Snott 1991 platform game by Ian Wilkinson and Dan Walton Solitaire - 1990 by Ben Clark
Solitaire - Erictronics by Eric Elson Solitaire v1.50 puzzle game
Solitaire v1.83 puzzle game Space Blob 1989 platformer by Robin Edwards
Space Monsters 1990 platformer from Darren Ithell Space Wars 2000 1994 Arcade game by Johnnie Chan,Simon Griffin,Les Greenhalgh and Neil Child
Spaced Weller -1991 puzzle game by Simon Wilsher Spider Spell puzzle game by Geoff Camp
Spitting Fish -1993 educational game Spot the Difference 1993 puzzle gamr by Colin Pratt and Tony Greenwood
Square Off - The Rosetta Stoned Remix 1992 puzzle game Squidgey 2 1993 platformer by Toby Liddicoat
Stable Masters 2 1993 sports/strategy by Mark Loveday and Gary Wheaton Stack em up 1991 puzzle game
Stetris 1997 by Oliver Heun Storm 94 Arcade game from Marcus Platt
Stos Jigsaw puzzle from Alan Bartholomew Sub Hunt 1989 arcade game from Ollysoft
Super Psycho Kart platform game Super Scramble 1993 shoot em up
Symbol Search 1997 puzzle game by Howard Clarke System 5 by Glenn Humber
Tablit 1989 puzzle by Andy Osbourne Tablit 2 1991 puzzle by Andy Osbourne
Talisman 1989 role playing adventure Tank Battle 1990 Arcade game by Robin Edwards
Top of the Pops 1989 by Sophistisoft Track Ball -1997 game from Serious software and Ross McNaughton
Traffic Jam puzzle game by Eric Elson Train Bullet arcade style game
Train Game 1991 Educational arcade game Trainset 1991 puzzle game from R Spreadborough
Treasure Search 1989 puzzle game by Colin White and Peter Hickman Turbo -Racing game
Twot Tot and the Mission of Madness -1992 platformer by Stephen Allen U Boat by Oskar Burman