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1st Maths - Underworld- Educational game by Undersoft and Geoff Camp 3D Asteroids -1992 Arcade game by Ralph Effemey
3D Ski - 1989 sports game by Andrei Ellman 180-Darts game 1994 by Nathan Taylor

100 4 1 -1997 puzzle game by Howard Clarke

A Simple Memory Game -Educational game by Howard Clarke

Alien Blockade -1991 game by The Bombout Brothers and David Scantlebury Aliens-Boardgame by Steve Davies based on the Movie
Armoured Operation 1993 Powerfist shoot em up By Ian Wilkerson and Dan Walton Around the World in Eighty Days v1.1 -1992 game by Ediie Bryan and Ian Chapman
Atari Awari - Puzzle game by Eric Elson Attack of the Dangerous Alien Gun - 1991 Shoot em up by Chris Parish
Axis 1993 Serious software puzzle game by Ross McNaughton Ayatollah Invaders - 1989 arcade game by Steve and Stu Oliver
B17 - shoot em up by Martin Ribbink Baby Mugluck Platformer by Ralph Effemey
Ballpark 1991 Puzzle game by Andrew Roakley Balls up 1995 game by Poon software and Nick Harper
Balls 1992 Puzzle game by Ted Webb and Dene and Simon Carter Batman the batwing -1990 Shoot em up by Charle E Cullinan
Battlescape Game by David and Jon Wright Battlezone Shoot em up Game by Storm Uk,Dattrax Software and A.C Porritt
Beepin Concentration - 1992 puzzle game by W Deacon Bert the Squirt -1990 platformer game by Alistair Moffat
Billy Boy -1997 platformer by Dean Chadwick,Tony Greenwoodand Adrian Samm Biohazard 2 1993 Role playing game by L.J Greenhalgh
Boing Arcade game by C.R.G Johnson Bouncer By S.Evans
Bounty Hunter 1990 Arcade game by Paul Dowers Box Clever 1996 game by Howard Clarke
Boxing Champ -1989 Sort Game by Paul Dowers Brain Damage -1993 Educational game by Dave Cobbledick
Brilliant Boffin Brothers -1991 puzzle game by Mike Afford Bug Hunt 2 -1993 Role-playing by Paul Vincent
Bullys Sporting Darts - Demo Version -1993 sports darts game by Alternative Software Bumber Jacky
Carrier Attack -1989 Battleship type boardgame by Keith Bearman Castle Capers 1993 platformer by Powerfist and Paul Abraitis
Castle Frankenstein 1991 platformer by Gary Wheaton and Philip Bishop Chemicon -Tronic-Verlag Puzzle game
Clacker 1991 puzzle game by Gary Wheaton and Stephen Allen Clunk - 1991 puzzle game by Gary Wheaton and Stephen Allen
Cobra Strike 1996 Serious software shoot em up by Ross McNaughton Color Quest -1990 Shoot em up by Oskar Burman
Coloris 2 1991 Puzzle game by J Peach Columns 2 Puzzle game by David Tierney
Company Simulation game by Roy Urien Confusion by Ross McNaughton
Countout -1992 A version of the quiz show countdown by Tony Greenwood Creepy -1991 game by Alastair Moffat and John Shepard