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3D Extension extracted. Includes many 3D objects and source code.

3D EXTENSION - A 3D extension written by DML.
This is the 1992 version he uploaded to Atari Forum in March 2014. Not as many features as the original commercial version of STOS 3D, however it draws any object on the screen considerably faster! In this archive the original 1991 docs from the Pixel Twins Utility disk have been included, as documentation was missing with this version. Another doc has been added by M. Keenleyside from the STOS Coders FB page to briefly explain how to use a more modern process involving Blender 3D, 3D Object Converter v7.0 (to export a Cyber Studio CAD-3D *.3D2 file) and subsequently DML's "CADCONV.PRG" to prepare the file and output new *.X, *.Y, *.Z & *.OBJ files to use with the extension.


ABK - Small selection of ABK tracker tunes. Includes PRG player.

ABK PLAY - Small BAS file to play ABK files in STOS.

A.C.PORRIT - Stos Software Pack. Over the years that I have been programming in Stos Basic, I've made hundreds of routines, demo's and things to do billions of useful, not so useful, and totally unuseful things. The miniute I got my hard drive I had to put them all on it. This meant sorting them out. Jim thought it would be a good idea to send them off to Public Domain or something so, here they be! A.C.Porritt

BITCOPY - STOS Extension only (no compiler). Good for fast screen copies etc.
BLITTER - Blitter STe extension. Use the blitter to copy and clear the screen ultra fast.

BORDER - Border removal top and bottom. PRG called from STOS.

BORDER 2 - Stable Bottom border removal in STEEM by exxos using the control extension.
BEAMS - ASM PRG loaded into STOS to call the routine.Sends a colourful 1 pixel line of colour across the top of the screen.
BIG -- A range of MBK CHR sets.

CODETEXT EXTENSION - No docs so no idea what its for ?
CONTROL - Control Extension V3.0. Adds some very nice screen,port,zone,etc commands to STOS.
CONVERT 3 ACB. Allows you to change STOS program files so that they use a different extension letter.
CYBER ANIMATION PLAYER. - Uses PLAYSEQ.PRG called from STOS to play Cyber SEQ files. The BEE SEQ is included with some STOS rouce code examples.
CYBER SEQ PLAYER EXTENSION. Play Cyber SEQ in STOS. Extension and examples included.
CAD SEQ - 22 cyber sequences for use within stos!
CONTROL EXTENSION v3.5A by Les Greenhalgh (demo) - A Shareware STOS extension which adds 55 new commands to STOS Basic. Perhaps the main feature of this extension is a replacement sprite engine for STOS which works on the large hardware scrollable screens of the STE. There are also commands which support the 'extra' joystick ports on the STE, allowing you to write four player games for the STE and use the Jaguar joypad. Other commands allow you to add a switch construct to STOS, get around the strings bug and define up to 65536 zones! If that's not enough, you can remove the screen borders,control the parallel port and much more. Full STOS source and a number of graphic font files are also included on disk. No STOS programmer should be without this disk. Please note that some of the commands are STE specific.
CYBER EXTENSION - v1.00 by Andy Cato and Martin Cubitt - A simple but effective extension which allows you to replay CyberPaint SEQ animations from within your own STOS Basic. Also included is the compiler extension so that you can use the commands in your compiled programs. A number of SEQ files are included along with example basic programs. Please note that some of the supplied animations need 1 Meg.


D DRUMS - Plays what seems to be hard coded chip music in a PRG file in STOS.
DAVE MATEER - Various STOS & 68000 code by Eddie of The Happening Boiz
DRWHO - Needs 8MB RAM and STE hardware. Plays DRWHO theme song "tracker style" on the STE's DAC hardware. Needs STE_EXTN.EXF


ERRORBASE V1.0 - Find out what all those error numbers are from within stos with this ACB. (c) MARTIN WRIGHT 1992 FOR ST FORMAT

EXTRA EXTENSION v3.26 by Martin Cubitt - A massive collection of 57 new commands for use in your STOS Basic programs. Many of these will prove invaluable to STOS programmers. New commands allow you to format text, return the GEMDOS and TOS version numbers, receive data from the cartridge port, read the values of standard cookies in the cookie jar, determine the state of various keys, set up the printer, get disk format info, detect a write-protected disk, copy and format disks, perform a screen dump, swap screen hertz rate, unpack
compressed files and more.....

EATFISH - Eatfish Demo screen by Andy Cato.The original Stos code from '94.

EAGLE EX - Eagle Extension. Allows some functions to run on the MFP! Things like screen fades and effects to run at the same time as code is running. So you can run sreen fades and music at the same time for example without using STOS's FADE instruction which would prevent your code from continuing until the function had finished. unfortunatly its a unregistered version so it spams the editor a lot :(
EDDIE BRYAN - Various source code & 68000 code from EDDIE_BRYAN
EXTENSION DEV BY NeilH - Assembly source code for an extension that never got finished. It's got some really cool routines in it, including a simplified STE Hardware scrolling routine, that basically you just send it the dimensions of your map, and it does everything for you - probably handy for non STOS coders too. Full docs included.
EXTENSION SELECTOR. It lets you switch on or off any STOS extensions by renaming prior to loading STOS Basic. This way, you only load the extensions you need, thus freeing up more memory in which to develop your programs.
EXTENSION SELECTOR. V2.0 July 94 By L.J.Greenhalgh

FANCYREM - Flashy Program Listings. Are you bored with those REM statements, well this is where this program comes to the rescue. You will be able to add effects such as reverse, shaded and underline text to the REM statements. An extra feature is that you can create `Line 0` anywhere in your programs and the great thing is they can't be deleted, great for copyright stuff.

FRS - extension V1. Adds a few commands to STOS. No compiler extension :(

FULLSCREEN - Fullscreen source code. Allows you to display images in fullscreen mode (overscan).
FAST EXTENSION by Baz Mulloy - An extension for STOS Basic which speeds up various aspects of the language such as clearing the screen, mathematical calculations, plotting to the screen and such like.

GBP - STOS Extension V4.7. GBP EXTENSION V4.7 by Neil Halliday - A great STOS extension which adds numerous new commands to STOS Basic. Features include turning on or off the disk drive lights (to pulse in time with music), check to see if a printer is connected, set printer configuration, return the status of certain keys, disable the ALT/HELP key combination, unpack packed files created using most common packers, store multiple files in a single memory bank, load and unpack PC1, TNY and CA1 picture files, mirror any area of the screen, play stereo sound samples at up to 50khz on an STE, set the volume of samples replayed on an STE and much more..... No compiler extension :-(

GODS - Andy Cato. One of the first demos I ever wrote in Stos once I amended the Mod replay code to run under Stos instead of using the Stos-Tracker extension. Sprites from Gods are there for you to use as a sprite bank.
GIF SHOW - basic by Andy Cato.
GBP - STOS Extension - Full Interpreter & Compiler Source by NeilH. Full source code to a few extensions that I wrote between 1990 & 1994. Included is the GBP extension, STE/Biltter Extension and also an unfinished extension that dealt with hardware scrolling for the STE.
GEMMA STOS V1.72 by Paul Jones and friends - An extension for STOS Basic which lets you use GEM calls within STOS! Yes, you can use it to create window based applications in STOS Basic, multi-tasking is even be possible as is 256 colour display on the Falcon. The intention is that GEMMA will eventually become a complete re-write of STOS, for the meantime it consists of an interpreter extension, a compiler extension and a replacement STOS Basic loader. Well documented and worth a look.


ICBIS - Use upto 65535 *STOS* SPRITES in any bank with great increase in speed. Sadnly no compiler part of the extension :-(

ITS GREAT - It's Great Falcon Beta version. A puzzle game written in STOS on the falcon in 256 colours by exxos.



LOGOBOOT -: Andy Cato.Writes a small 4 colour image into the bootsector which is displayed on inserting the disk. I've included a few pictures and lots of pre-saved images (.log files).

LAMER12 : Andy Cato.A copy take demo that we put together just for a laugh. The scrolltext might take a bit of decyphering, but imagine it being spoken in a really slow Geordie accent.

LOW ORMED A useful set of low and med stos fonts.


MEGA LOGO - by exxos, Draws MEGA on the screen in zooming squares, very easy and a nice effect..

MEGATIZER v.2.4 - , Take control over your MIDI ports!
MISSING LINK - . Fantastic STOS extension. This is the FULL package.
MISTY - STOS Extension.
MODEM - Modem Extension for STOS. Allows you to dial numbers on your modem from STOS.
MOUSEGEM - Mouse pointers from GEM for use in STOS.
MOD PLAY by exxos, Uses the Ninja STE Tracker extension to play mods at 21khz using STEEM. Run at 16mhz. Includes quick and dirty VU example.!
MEGA DISPLAYER -V2,8 - By exxos. Doc displayer for STOS. Can display images in text also.
MIDI, extension and examples of uses of the MIDI ports from within STOS.
MUSIC MUS - Chip Music of all kinds!
MCODE -Machine code (PRG) files to be called from STOS. Allows some basic screen effects
MIDI - Take control of your MIDI ports with this extension.

NINJA - Ninja Tracker Extension V1.05 - Great MOD player for STOS. 5000,8500,12000,14000 or 21000hz playback
Ninja Tracker Extension v1.06 - LJ Greenhalgh (1995).
For 1mb STE/TT/Falcon. This extension allows you to play mods at up to 21khz in STOS in the background on any STE/TT/Falcon. It should be able to play any four channel protracker mods and the vast majority of chip music formats available. v1.06 has a couple of additional new commands over v1.05: Track unpack ADDRESS - unpacks a mod packed with Pack ICE over the top of itself STRING=track name (ADDRESS) - gets the full name of a mod
NO BORDER 2.1. Removes bottom border with this small easy to use extension.
NETWORLD - for STOS! "unfinished" - no compiler extension. Seems to be using STOS for TelNet using STiCK etc.
NEOCONV - by exxos, load up a GIF 87A image and convert it to NEO for use in STOS..
NIFTY ACB - STOS accessory written by Robert D. Cooper. There are 8 selections on the menu, Delete file ,Rename file ,Scancodes ,Format ,Number Convert , Set Keyspeed ,Set Function Keys,exit.


OVERSTOS - EXAMPLE OF HOW TO USE OVERSCAN PICTURE DISPLAY ROUTINE. Includes machines code program to be called from STOS.
OVERLAY - So what is a screen overlayer?, well it is a program thatcombines (upto) 4 screens into a single one, and by use of the colourpalette you can swap between these screens. Thus saving you memory,
and if used to good effect then it can add a bit of sparkle to many aprogram. You can use it for demo's, video titleling Saul Hill 1992

PROPACK - Propack STOS extension I wrote to pack/unpack a soundtracker .mod file. It packs a .mod to about half it's original size in about 2 seconds. I'm not sure if I ever got it working properly, that's why it was never released. It works in the interpereter but may crash in the compiler ! Type 'propack' for further info when installed. Uses P for extension.

PANDORA - Collection of STOS CODE DEMOS. Works best when compiled.
PLAY AMOD -16 KHZ REPLAY FOR STOS. Machine code program with STOS source example
PICROUTS - STOS routines to load up .PC? and .TNY

QUICK - Quick Extension. A.C.Porritt. Adds functions such as stars, rasters, and other light effect plus more.

RASTERS - A Range of raster effects, machine code called from STOS.
RNC - Rob Northen Crack extension. Another extension that was never release for the same reason. This one was a bit naughty as well though as it automatically cracked Rob Northen protection within files.Type 'rnc' for further info when installed. Uses N for extension..

STOS STE - STE Extension. Various BLITting commands for the blitter!

SOUND FX - 'SoundFX' v1.5 is an STOS accessory which allows complex sound effects to be created and saved for inclusion into an STOS program.

SPEAKTEX - Get STOS to speak words with this simple machine code program.
SPECTRUM - STOS Spectrum 512 screen displayer
SPECSHOW II- Spectrum 512 Display Code by NeilH. My old code to display Spectrum 512 images within STOS. Routine works by installing onto the VBL interupt, which means it returns you back to STOS so you can do some other stuff. If I remember rightly you could get some very simple sprites etc, music playing sort of thing, but the majority of the CPU time is taken by the display routine. Included is the source code for the display
SQUASH - Squasher, Compress any file.

STARS- Extension By Lee Upcraft create those magnificent parallax star fields with just a single command. Note there was a bug in the extension in medium res. The extension was ported over to the Falcon extensions, which were backwards compatible with the ST.

STE2 - Extension. Add extra joysticks & light guns, play samples..
STE SOUND EXTENSION, - everything you need to play sound samples on the STE.
STOSPLAY, - Play Replay samples in STOS
STOSPLAY.PRG - is a machine-code program for playing Quartet modules by interrupt from within a STOS program
SAMPLAY50, - by exxos, Plays a small WAV loop in STOS using the STE sound extension at 50khz. Mono and Stereo. Runs in STEEM at 16mhz..
STEEM DETECTION - Steem detection within Stos by exxos. Currently only works 100% with steem 3.2.
SHIFTER3 - MULTI-Directional single plane shifter screen by Neil R.Halliday of GBP software. (I can't get this to work, needs some EXP extension ~exxos~)
SNDH - player for STOS using assembly code in PRG format. Note The missing link extension plays SND files so this route is probably obsolete now.
STOS MAN - Manual in ACB format (runs in STOS)
SNDH45SF -SndH YM2149 sound files from Archive Version 4.5. Includes GEM player. These music files can be played in STOS via the Missing Link MUSAUTO music commands. Note that these SND files are packed with ICE packer so they need decompressing before playing, which can also be done with the Missing Links DEPACK functions.
STOSBLIT - BLITTER Extension, no docs.
STOS TRACKER, - play ABK tunes at 7,10,14khz. Includes docs and extentions plus examples.
SPECCODE is a machine code program which enables the users of the STOS to show SPECTRUM (SPU)
picture files from within the STOS environment. (512 colours for normal ST's and 4096 colours for STE's)
STOSMAT V2.1 by Croft Soft Software - A simple STOS ACB which allows you to format standard or extended format disks without leaving STOS Basic.
STOS BUDDY V1 - Windows based program by Stephen Earl. A collection of various STOS basic program listings and related media, with the ability to add new ones with relative ease. Currently there are 97 individual STOS programs added. Full syntax highlighting for STOS listings, including all STOS commands and 15 of the most popular extensions.Full STOS manual, tutorials and related articles. Thanks to Tony Greenwood for compiling those.Full documentation for 31 STOS extensions. Including the fully converted STOS 3D Manual. Almost 750 STOSSER Diskzine articles from all issues 1 to 29. Everything but the most irrelevant articles(contacts, ads etc.) were included.42 articles from the Much STOS Gigazine disks 1 and 2.33 articles from the STESTOSTerone Diskmag disks 1 to 4. May need a CHM viewer such as THIS ONE. My win7 64bit chm viewer does not seem to work at all!
STE Extension v4.0 (c)1991/92/95 - by Asa Burrows. Version 3.5 had a bug!
When using the STE's hardware scrolling command, the extension would only scroll along to the 15th pixel before restarting the count again. This caused a jerky movement within anything scrolling horizontally. v4.0 was found in issue 1 of the SteStosTerone Magazine disk series, in which Asa had fixed the bug. It's likely that not many knew about this version! Several docs have been included, some are from STOSSER mag just to help give more detail on using the various commands.
After aquiring a 2 Meg STE through extreme good luck, I decided that the time had come for STOS users to take full advantage of the STE's enhancements (let's NOT mention the STE or BLITTER extensions). After several weeks of extremely hard, fiddly work and endless nights poring over inaccurate, badly written, apocryphal documentation I emerged from my study tired, blood stained and emotionally drained clutching the child of my genius - STEVIE WONDER

TOME - Extension. No docs.
TOME v2.0 - Total Map Editor by Aaron Fothergill (Shadow Software, 1989).
This version of the TOME Extension actually includes the editor, the extension files, also various example files and actual documentation! The *.ASC manual seems to be for an older version however, so an explanation on how to use certain commands is still missing. At a later date this will be looked into being updated - Mike K, STOS Coders.
Tracker demo, includes some nice tracker extensions and examples for playing ABK music.

USEFULL -"Useful" STOS Extension. Gets colour palette from sprite bank - no docs :-(

STOSVIDI - Vidi extensions v1.00.These extension commands can be used from STOS BASIC. Compiler to provide easy to use and powerful commands which control the Vidi frame grabber hardware. This allows you to write your own customised applications which tap the full potential of Vidi-ST
VIDI ST exxos dumps- Pack includes -spec101, ST_GBASE1.00, VCHROME_1.00, VCHROME_2.00, VIDI_ST_1.25, VIDI_ST_1.28a, VIDI_ST_1.29

WIMBUSH COLLECTION - A collection of STOS Basic source code and associated files by David Wimbush. TIME - An ACB which displays the current date and time in a window. COLOUR - An ACB which lets you change the RGB values of any colour in the current palette. It then prints out your new palette as a program line. SAVER - An ACB based screen saver which works when STOS is running. It even uses a starfield if the STARS extension is installed. COMPILER - A patch for the STOS compiler which allows you to load different OPTIONS.INF files (customise settings for different circumstances). CRYSTAL1 - Source code to game based on one from the Crystal Maze TV series. CRYSTAL2 - Source code to a second game from the Crystal Maze. PIX - Chooses a different startup picture (randomly) each time you run STOS. All you have to do is supply the pictures! PLASTER MIND - Source to a Mastermind game where you have to guess the location and colour
of four coloured pegs. MSECCORD - A sub-routine which displays the mouse coordinates in a window which updates as you move the mouse. ZONEND - Sub-routine which displays which zone the hotspot of your mouse is in. LOTTERY - A fun listing where you enter your lottery numbers into the source code and the program generates random numbers in an attempt to match your ticket. After 60 years' worth of random numbers I still didn't have more than 4 numbers.
WRLD2STE - by Neil Halliday (April 2020).
Here’s a quick and dirty routine to convert a Missing Link “World” map into an over-sized image that can be used for STE hardware scrolling. You need to have the Missing Link & STORM Development extension installed in order to render the map and use the simple STE Hardware scrolling command. Graphics & map taken from the Missing Link examples disk, which appear to be the graphics from Magic Pockets!




Andy Cato - Bootload3: This takes a .prg file and writes it to your st floppy disk as tracks and sectors so nothing is visible on the disk. You can add 3 lines of text and move it around the screen.

Andy Cato 68000 example.This is the 68000 code I wrote to crack and file the game Ballistix.This was the 3rd game I cracked after delving into assembler. First of it replaces the sector loading code of the game with my own sector loading code then saves the data each time the disk is read into a file with the filename based on the number of the sector and the sectors read to drive B:\. (I think !) If you can find the original untouched game then this should still work.
Frontier: Andy Cato.Another intro, crack and trainer for Elite II. Took a while to find the protection check, but it turned out to be a change of only 1 byte.
Logoboot: Andy Cato. Writes a small 4 colour image into the bootsector which is displayed on inserting the disk. I've included a few pictures and lots of pre-saved images (.log files).

Res101: Andy Cato. Another cracked and filed game with 68000 code. Simple intro and some ripped fileload code from the Andyload util by Andy the Arfling.

FLOPPYSHOP LAN.22C STOS Basic Tutorial by Lozian. Fully documents every command of STOS Basic. This disk has been designed to compliment the STOS series being run in Floppyshop News from February 1990 onwards. It is invaluable to anyone learning the language. You need STOS Basic in order to use this disk. This program has been updated to run on the STE and now has additional commands. Type MAESTRO or CREDITS at the command prompt to access the extra features.
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.75 A mixture of STOS programs including 1 game, 2 STOS accessories and a collection of BAS files. These programs allow you to use synthesised speech in STOS Basic programs. Also on disk are a number of Basic source codes from the Atari ST User STOS series.
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.3431C STOS STARTER PACK 1 by Ralph Effemey - A Shareware disk which contains 3 skeleton STOS Basic games for you to extend, modify or complete. This disk includes ARMOURGEDDON, 45 CALIBRE and PONTOON. All games are incomplete and intended as a study guide to STOS programmers.
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.3432C STOS STARTER PACK 2 by Ralph Effemey - Another Shareware disk with 3 skeleton STOS Basic games for you to extend, modify or complete. This disk includes F5, FUN and MOWER. All games are incomplete and intended as a study guide to STOS programmers.
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.3433C & LAN.3434C STOS STARTER PACK 3 by Ralph Effemey - Even more STOS source to play around with. SUBMARINE - Take command of a submarine in this warfare simulation. LUNAR PENAL COLONY 7 - A strategic adventure set in Outer Space. ROBOACTIVE - Command a star fleet and save the Earth. As usual, all games are incomplete and intended as a study guide to STOS programmers.
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.3728 STOS BITS & PIECES by Robert Annett - A collection of STOS source code and articles on STOS, much of which was published by the now defunct STupendous disk mag. There's also an incomplete game which was being developed by the author. One level is present and you can obviously add more
yourself. A digidrum demo with source code and some miscellaneous source code with accompanying docs are also included.
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.3903 A collection of useful bits and pieces for STOS programmers. SPC 18 - An extension which allows you to load and display compressed Spectrum 512 pictures within your own STOS Basic programs. Two SPC pictures and an example program are also included. DIA SHOW - Displays Degas PI1 pictures using a number of different effects. DREHUNG - Flips a graphic screen upside down and back upright in a fraction of a second. SCHMEIR - Bounces a graphic around the screen while playing an AMOS soundtracker MOD file. You'll need the STOS Tracker extension
FLOPPYSHOP LAN.3903 A collection of useful bits and pieces for STOS programmers. SPC 18 - An extension which allows you to load and display compressed Spectrum 512 pictures within your own STOS Basic programs. Two SPC pictures and an example program are also included. DIA SHOW - Displays Degas PI1 pictures using a number of different effects. DREHUNG - Flips a graphic screen upside down and back upright in a fraction of a second. SCHMEIR - Bounces a graphic around the screen while playing an AMOS soundtracker MOD file. You'll need the STOS Tracker extension
KTKDOS3 - From Tore Langeland Tangen, STOS Coders - Atari ST Facebook page (April 2018): Also, having gotten my hands on a formatting tool for STOS, I made a DOS "simulator". In addition to being capable of formatting floppies in several formats, it can also copy files between disks. Unfortunately I didn't know how to code a line parse at that time, so each part of the command has to be separated by a return.
NEWS1E - From Tore Langeland Tangen, STOS Coders - Atari ST Facebook page (April 2018): Ok, I know a lot of people coded games on STOS, but it did also contain tools for coding programs. Attached is a purpose built "DPS" for a club I used to be a member of in my youth. It contains a simple line editor and hard coded driver for printing on Epson matrix printers.
STOS BANK RIPPER v0.2 - by Tom (August 2018).
This was converted to STOS code from a utility originally written in C by Hans Wessels called STOS MBK MAKER (July 2007). Tom added in extra bank header types for the program to search for. Use Mega Depack on any compiled program first, just in case it was compressed with ICE 2.4 or Atomik 3.5 for example. Please use responsibly! It should be a very useful utility for those wanting to study how older STOS games were made. Original game authors/designers/musicians who might have lost their original source, including any artwork, music and sound assets from years ago can likely retrieve their asset files this way too.
CSV2STOS v1.00 - Michael Keenleyside (Dec 2021)
Written for users of Tiled & The Missing Link extension for STOS Basic on the Atari ST(e) platform. Tiled is a free map editor written for Windows, MacOS & Linux by Thorbjørn. Import a *.CSV file exported from Tiled into CSV2STOS, to create a Missing Link compatible world or landscape map. Export a *.CSV file from a Missing Link world map or landscape map made in eddy.bas to use with Tiled, with a few additional steps required. More info in the doc file on what to do!.