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STF Cover Disk #1 Aug 1989

Bloodwych:- ST Format's first disk gets off to a flying start with the first level of Bloodwych. It's similar in style to Dungeon Master but with simultaneous two player action. Shove that disk in the drive and get hacking away.
GFA Basic:- It's faster, more structured and easier to use than ST BASIC and comes complete with a disk based manual. On the disk are some demo programs to show you the power of the language
Stingray:- Anything could happen in the next half hour. Well that's what the Stingray demo says just before it plays the tune from the ancient TV series
PostMortem:- Previously when you'd written a program and it bombed inexplicably then that was life, now thanks to PostMortem you can find out what those registers were up to before the bomb. Tracking down bugs will be much easier
Ramdisk:- RAM disks are very useful when copying files from one disk to another and this month's RAM disk has an advantage over many others, it sits in the GEM Desktop
Pentominoes:- Pentominoes is a mathematical game to keep your puzzled for many hours. Shapes made of five squares must be fitted into a grid. Reflect and rotate them to fit them in, provided you don't get a mental block of course.

STF Cover Disk #2 Sept 1989

Blood Money:- Another Format Gold makes it's way onto the cover. Blood Money is a fast a furious scrolling shoot-'em-up with hordes of poor defenceless well, nearly defenceless) aliens to blast. The version on the cover is level two out of the four level. One or two players can take part and play simultaneously to fight for money and glory
Fun Face:- Draw faces using a Photofit type system made up from eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc. and just muck around with them
GFA Demos:- This month's GFA BASIC programming tutorial deals with the subject of graphics and the demo programs mentioned in the article are sitting in the GFADEMOS folder
GFA Convert:- Converts ST BASIC programs to GFA BASIC
Format10:- Last month's disk formatter is repeated on the cover, only this time it works properly. Last month it would only format drive A, but now it's fixed. Sorry!
DC Clock:- Banish irritating left wrist movements. Just double click on the program and you'll have the clock displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen
PCommand:- One thing the ST lacks and the poor Amiga has is a CLI, or command line interface. No more messing about with the Desktop menus and file operations are much simpler thanks to wild cards
Aargh!:- Is there anyone out there that likes that irritating click that you get every time you press a key on the ST? If so then don't use this desk accessory which can switch off that very same click
Blaster:- The old arcade classic Defender gets renamed and zaps onto your ST screen. Nostalgia time as you remember your misspent youth feeding the arcade owner
Tinyview:- A slide show program that displays Tiny format pictures. This month part of the animation tutorial is shown
Tinystuf:- Pictures on the cover are often compressed to save space and so Tinystuf comes into its own in converting Tiny, Degas and Neochrome pictures from one format into another
VKiller:- Long ago there was a virus killer on the cover but we thought it was about time that we gave you another to help protect your programs from harm
ST Format Demo:- A demo with loads of colours, bouncing words and some free advertising for your favourite magazine.
Sine Text Demo:- Text crawls across a multicoloured screen following a sine wave pattern. Count the colours
Play It Demo:- Mixing digitised sound tracks and Neochrome of Degas pictures is made simple with Playit and there's a short demo on the cover to act as an appetiser.

STF Cover Disk #3 Oct 1989

Tracker:- This month's hardware project is a device that shows you which track and side the disk drive is reading. Tracker is a program that helps you test your newly constructed project
Crosswords:- Sun & Times Crosswords. Pit your wits against Akom's newspaper crosswords
Format 10:- Use it to back up the cover disk
Fractal Surf:- create fractal landscapes
Magic Eye:- Get hypnotised by this weird and wonderful fractal demo
Mandelshow:- Explore the Mandelbrot set
GFA Demos:- Make music with GFA BASIC
Colour Emulator:- A colour emulator for use with monochrome monitors
Mono Emulator:- A monochrome emulator for use with colour monitors
DSlide:- Slideshow program that not only displays pictures in all resolutions but also converts them from one resolution to another
Tinystuf:- Pictures on the cover are often compressed to save space and so Tinystuf comes into its own in converting Tiny, Degas and Neochrome pictures from one format into another
Xenon 2:- Sensational arcade-quality shoot-'em-up in playable demo form

STF Cover Disk #4 Nov 1989

Interphase:- Yet another Format Gold with a 3D spectacular: here's an exclusive, brilliant, fully playable demo
Firestorm:- An excellent PD game - play it, then crack it! Just follow our complete "How to crack" guide on page 93
Monst:- A monitor/debugger - essential for exploring machine code
Format 10:- Backup your cover disk
GFA Demos:- A further selection of demos
Animate 4:- A PD program to show Cybersculpt to best advantage
Genesis:- A remarkably fast fractal landscape generator that produces extraordinary 3D landscapes
Atoms:- A challenging and intriguing game for two to four players. Can you gain domination?
Cruncher:- Save valuable disk space with the Happy Computer Packer
Heroes:- Solve those Heroes of the Lance hassles with a neat cheat
DSlide:- A slide show program of reader's pictures
Tinystuf:- Convert Tiny, Degas and Neochrome pictures from one format to another

STF Cover Disk #5 Dec 1989

The Untouchables:- Thrill to this superb playable demo of Ocean's forthcoming hoods-v.-G-men pump-action shotgun wars! Your orders: apprehend Capone - failing that, blast him to bits
Quartet:- It's the sound sensation that's sweeping the nation! Sample the delights of Microdeal's stunning four-channel sound sequencing package. One day, games will sound like this...
Recover:- Ever had a disk go down on you? This handy program helps you recover files accidentally deleted or corrupted.
QMouse:- Put life into your mouse! Get rid of the sluggish ST mouse pointer! Replace it with a Speedy Gonzales-type rodent!
Word Count:- Desktop accessory which adds up the number of words in a text file
X-Utilities:- Desktop accessory which offers copying, formatting and setup utilities
Animations:- Two Cyber animations
Boot Maker:- Create autobooting programs. Normally only TOS-based programs can be run from the AUTO folder: now any GEM-based item can be made to run
CZ Sounds:- Transfer preset sound data between your Casio CZ101 keyboard and ST via MIDI
Flying Start:- The complete solution for all your comms connections
PC Format:- Format a disk (3.5 or 5.25 inch) to boring PC standard
RAMLoad :- All the utilities you need can be copied automatically on boot to a RAM disk. Now that's what I call useful!

STF Cover Disk #6 Jan 1990

Tower Of Babel:- Fully playable demo of Microprose's fabulous Format Gold-rated 3D strategy game
Replay Professional:- The most advanced 8/12-bit sampler for the ST
Star Struck:- Fun screen-saving accessory
Easy Text DTP:- Get into DTP with this great WYSIWYG package
Bellum Internecinum:- Swoop-like shoot-'em-up
Animations:- All the files you need to create stunning Cyber animations
No Border:- Stunning "impossible" demo!

STF Cover Disk #7 Feb 1990

Skate Tribe:- Fantastic freewheeling fun. This is not a demo: it's a complete game! Nine levels of skateboarding buttiness
Virus Die:- Prepare for a new concept: Sector 9's totally rad virus killer! Forget boring text displays, we're talking animated sequences showing viruses having their £$%&! chopped off
Playback:- An interrupt driven sound sample player. As Playback doesn't hog the ST's processor, other things can be done while the digitised data is played
C Program:- The first source file from Warwick Grigg's C tutorial
Desktop Tips: A demo showing horizontal and parallax scrolling using STOS
Animation:- two stunning Cyber animations
4pak:- An incredible new file compactor
Resore:- Return colours to default values
Art Gallery:- A brace of stonking Spectrum 512 images
Convert:- Change binary data into an ASCII file that can be imported into any assembler
F40 Demo:- 1 mere 35K, but a tremendous Ferrari F40 and more besides.

STF Cover Disk #8 Mar 1990

GFA Raytrace:- Tremendous useable demo of GFA Data Media's 512-colour raytracing and animation package
Ani ST:- A complete animation package offering unbelievable tweening facilities
Tower Of Babel Towers:- Three more testing towers to improve Micropose's ace game
C Series:- source files
Master Sound:- Rap to the monster beat of Pandaal's funky sound sampling package
Super Virus Killer:- Extraordinary utility that identifies 5 viruses, 7 antiviruses, and 133 other boot sectors
Saver:- Nifty memory resident screen saver
Fastcopy:- When it comes to copying and formatting nothing beats the devilishly quick utility

STF Cover Disk #9 Apr 1990

Conqueror:- Go to war with Rainbow Art's superb tank simulation. Prepare for battle in three different modes in Braben's latest compelling game
Canvas Demo:- Demonstrate your artistic ability with Microdeal's phenomenal 512-colour art package for all STs and STEs. (no save)
Pipe Mania:- Go with the flow in Empire's frustratingly addictive game of plumbing, pipes and puzzles. Guaranteed to have you addicted in seconds. (Playable demo with three levels)
Tempus 2:- The fastest text editor for the ST in the useable demo form courtesy of HiSoft
Turbo ST:- Slap some go-faster stripes on your ST and venture into the fast lane with HiSoft's ST speed up utility
C-Series:- Warick Grigg shows you hoe to create a pinball simulator in his latest C tutorial
Animation:- Mark Pickavance chops off a robot's legs and lets them run riot on your screen
Canvas Manual:- All you need to know

STF Cover Disk #10 May 1990

Wipe Out:- A hilarious intergalactic hoverboard challenge awaits you in Gonzo Games' incredibly addictive fully playabel demo
GFA Raytrace:- GFA's stunning 512-colour raytracing program. This is not a demo; this is the complete package
Hisoft's Devpac 2:- Used by programmers worldwide. You can produce power-packed code with assembler, editor and debugger
Personal Finance Manager:- Microdeal's fantastic home accounts package
Animation:- Mark "The Pix" Pickavance shows off his 3D human animation
C-Tutorial:- Source files for Warwick Grigg's facinating C-series
Game Busters:- Saved-game character editor for Mirrorsoft's ever-so-difficult Bloodwych
Medrez:- STE medium res utility. Use this patch to boot your STE into medium resolution
GFA Joystick Utility:- This program allows you to read the joystick port from GFA Basic 2

STF Cover Disk #11 Jun 1990

Resolution 101:- Everybody has its day in Millennium's fully playable vigilante sci-fi demo
Kid Publisher:- Get 'em while they're young! A brilliant DTP package for you computer users
Mikki Mouse Monitor:- The very latest version of our German correspondent Don Maple's superb machine language monitor (MMM)
Mouse Tools:- Utility that boosts you mouse pointer's acceleration to breakneck speed
Vanterm:- Invaluable comms package with support for everything from ASCII file transfer to ZModem
Ballzone:- Brilliant multi-level Arkanoid clone
Animation:- Winning entries from the ST Format / Cyber animation competition
C Tutorial:- All the source files an demos you need to follow the fifth installment of Warwick Grigg's fascinating C series

STF Cover Disk #12 Jul 1990

Starblade:- Don your space suite and get into this superb fully playable 3D space opera from Palace
Menusys:- Everything you could ever want in one handy program
MIDI Send:- Send MIDI data from your ST to any MIDI instrument with this brilliant Desktop accessory
Desktop Music:- Terrific foot-stomping tune
Text Filter:- Sort rogue characters from text files with this nifty text formatting utility
Composer:- Incredible MIDI drum sequencer
Deeplair:- Frantic two-player submarine shoot-'em-up from the author of Canvas
C Tutorial:- Warwick Grigg provides plenty of source for you to size up

STF Cover Disk #13 Aug 1990

Battlemaster:- Exclusive and fully playable demo of the latest PSS masterpiece: role-players and arcaders will fight to claim it
FreeRAM:- Lost your memory? If Doc can't help, this immensely useful Desktop accessory can!
Puzzle:- Word Square fans will go ape over this dangerously addictive game
HRAMdisk:- Of the warm-reset survivable kind
GFA Draft Plus:- Realise your ST's CAD potential with our exclusive demo of GFA's power-packed program
Gemplus:- Tired of your ST's Desktop? Now you can spruce it up with this brilliant editor
Mouse Ka Mania:- Customise your ST mouse beyond belief with this fantastic mouse pointer editor
Command Line Interpreter:- Get more power from your ST with this feature-packed CLI. Your mouse need never work again
C Series Files

STF Cover Disk #14 Sept 1990

Rick Dangerous:- The man with the hat is back in this fully playable thrilling platform demo
Yolanda:- Stunning platform game steeped in ancient mythology and compelling arcade action
Graffiti:- Spray your Desktop with messages!
Startup:- Brilliant utility that executes a sequence of programs or a string of instructions on boot up
No Bombs:- What those bombs really mean
Private Eye:- Find out what lurks inside your ST
Robotz:- Stunning 40-level shoot'em-up
C-Tutorial:- Useful source code
Star LC10:- Popular printer gets accessory utility
Harlekin Fonts:- Add fonts to your own set-up
Transport 90:- View and DOWNLOAD printer fonts
Diary:- No excuse for being late again
TOS Teller:- which TOS lurks in your ST?
Folder:- Brilliant time-saving utility
Speech:- Your ST answers back

STF Cover Disk #15 Oct 1990
Days Of Thunder:- Stock car mania demo
Manix:- Fully playable bouncy demo
Deluxe Paint:- Mega art attack
Utils: Quickview, Gen-Lock, London Codes, Muzak, ST Disk #Cataloguer, C-Series
STF Cover Disk #16 Nov 1990

Atomic Robokid:- Superb playable arcade action in this excerpt from Activision's forthcoming scrolling shoot'em-up. Not for kids!
TCB Tracker:- Demo of the Care Bear's incredible ST music and sample player.
Personal Database:- Get that info sorted with this fully usable utility
HAL9000:- Frighten the life out of your ST with Arthur C Clarke's nightmare computer
Gen-Lock:- Brighten up your Desktop
Accompanist:- Make music with Henry Cosh's amazing complete 16-voice sequencer. Uses MIDI or the ST's own voice
MegaForm:- Seriously useful utilities: copy, format, erase and test disks or create superfast disks with the Fastload format
StarStruck:- Save wear and tear on your TV tube with this brand new version of the popular screen saver utility.

STF Cover Disk #17 Dec 1990

Captive:- Exclusive! Fully playable demo of Mindscape's ST Format Gold winning sc-fi role-playing game
FSelect:- Transform your ST's filing capabilities and make directory and disk changing easy with FSelect
MugFormat:- Protect your disks with this amazing virus immuniser
Neofun:- Turn those tired old Neochrome pictures into something strange and wonderful - just add imagination (not included)
Genlock:- Personalise your desktop - and brighten up your whole day!
Vanterm v3.8:- Latest, ultra-improved version of popular comms package. Get on-line in style! All you need, in one handy program
Speedwrite - Speed up those disk saves with this excellent utility. No more falling asleep waiting for you drive to stop
TLC Suite:- Four fantastic programs to help you handle your ST: special formatter, directory changer,re-namer - and even a sample player for playing programs!
Puzzle:- Create your own customised sliding puzzle with this great fun program

STF Cover Disk #18a Jan 1991

Golden Axe:- Virgin's belting bash-'em-up
Puzznic:- Ocean's manic mindbender
Personal Finance Manager+:- Fully useable demo - guide inside.
Dot-2-Dot:- Complete educational program
Utils:- Document reader, Art gallery accessory, Startup customiser

STF Cover Disk #18b

Imageworks Interphase:- Full game! The game of your dreams - unleash this stunning ST Format Gold classic

STF Cover Disk #19 Feb 1991

Champion Of The Raj:- Rip-roaring playable demo of ImageWorks' brand new Indian action-strategy game
PMA:- The proportional mouse accelerator
McAipof Reader:- Reads text files out loud
GFA Basic 2:- Full version with manual, plus part on of STF's Tutorial
Guardian:- The hidden virus detector
Dbase One:- Full database program, with complete index to all STF issues
Plus five great accessories

STF Cover Disk #20 Mar 1991
Turrican 2:- Fully playable demo of the scorching new shoot-em-up from rainbow arts
13 AUTO programs:- to customise your ST
2 Password programs:- to lock snoopers out
Party Database:- 100s of cocktail recipes
Mastersound 2:- Microdeal's new sampler
8 GFA basic:- Tutorial programs
Fractal:- planet & map generator
3 programs:- to speed disk access
TV and video: title generator
STF Cover Disk #21 April 1991
Moonshine racers:- Chug your way across America with style, speed and plenty of Southern Comfort in Millennium's redneck race
Gods:- Get the goodies to the crypt, grab the treasure and shoot to kill in Bitmap's latest puzzler
Sprites:- All you need to get animated - an exclusive animation package, sprites from Prince of Persia
GFA:- animation utilities and more
STF Cover Disk #22 May 1991
Stormball:- Don't be noble, be nasty! Wreak havoc in this manic pinball-style sports sim
Devpac 1:- All you need to write your own lightning-fast programs - a complete assembler, memory monitor and tutorial files from game-makers Bullfrog
Utils:- Everything you need to keep your disks in perfect working order -Disk editor, disk checker, undelete utility and disk repair kit
Music files:- from composer Neil Palmer
GFA Basic:- tutorial files


STF Cover Disk #23 June 1991
3D Construction Kit:- Start building your own world with this versatile demo of Domark's incredible new 3D game world generator
Rezrender:- Is this the best 3D object viewer for the ST? Lifelike shading and complex animation at a stroke
American Football:- game
Utils:- Comms, Code finder, DC Max Track, Desk Chooser, ST-Type
BBS database:- to auto-dial from Vanterm
68K To GFA:- Converts assembly language into GFA Basic code
Chordex:- Music tutor
Assembly Language Tutorial:- from Bullfrog
Acc Folder:- Organises accessories
DC Disk #Info:- Displays disk contents graphically
Polychrome:- Palette changer
HD Scan:- for hard drives
STF Cover Disk #24 July 1991
Atomino:- Start splitting the atom with this exclusive and hair-raising playable demo of the new puzzler from Psygnosis
Llamatron:- Now dig out the green wellies to collect baa-d sheep in our complete version of Minter's well-weird shoot'-'em-up
Assembly:- Part 3, get programming in assembly with Bullfrog's guide
Revenge:- Automatic document reader, printer and decompacter
Flu:- Find out how to spot virus symptoms - without getting infected
Little Green Selector:- Ditch the usual ST file selector and use this sophisticated replacement version instead
WP Tools:- Versatile accessory to give you more power in 1st Word
STF Cover Disk #25 Aug 1991
Mega Lo Mania:- Beat your people to a pulp with this absorbing demo of Mirrorsoft's new God-game. You're going to cry out for some divine intervention!
Flexidump:- Talking to your printer? Then talk sense! This latest version of the top print package makes printing simple, whatever you've got
Cypher:- Stash that pic! Hide those grabs! Keep your arts private with the intelligent picture-cruncher
Diary:- Forgotten what's on today? Find out with this essential diary and address-book utility
Spell One:- How do you spell "antidisestablishmentarianism?" This on-line dictionary tells you at a keystroke
STF Cover Disk #26 Sept 1991
Magic Pockets:- Trouser-bulges to impress anyone! Renegade's new platform-demo really puts the wind in your shorts
Ultimate Virus Killer:- This special version of Douglas Communication's utility kills viruses and prevents them in the first place
Xcontrol:- Atari's switch TT control panel - far more advanced than earlier ST versions - works with STs, STEs and Megas too
Loud Formatter:- Disks? Don't talk to me about disks. Here I is, brain the size of a planet - the talking format program All the bits Atari left out of TOS 1.4
CalShow:- Automatic reminder program
Freaky fractal snowflake generator
Bullfrog Assembly part 5:- Bullfrog assembly programming guide
STF Cover Disk #27 Oct 1991
Rolling Ronny:- Non-stop roller-skating madness in this hugely absorbing and fully-playable demo from Virgin Games
ST Writer Elite Version 4:- The best Public Domain word processor there is
Spiro:- Put your pens and plastic wheels away! Try this pattern generator
Gemview:- The all-encompassing ST picture viewer for all monitors
ST Tools:- Control your files with this box of directory tricks
Showmem Version 4:- Finds out where your memory's gone
Utils:- Set up your clock, Intercept your ST, Watch it's secret instructions
STF Cover Disk #28 Nov 1991
MiG-29M Superfulcrum:- Stunning playable demo of the sequel to Domark's MiG-29 flight simulator
Home Accounts 2:- Keep track of your finances with this useable demo of Digita's new accounts package
Fractals Mountain:- Follow the guide in this issue and create dazzling fractal scenery
GFA Fractal:- Source code to make your own fractals
Lsystem:- Generate exciting fractal patterns
STF Cover Disk #29 Dec 1991
Daylight Robbery:- Addictive platform chicanery in a fully playable preview from Electronic Zoo
Autoplay:- Everything you need to create your own audio-visual treat! Included is a sample animated sequence from Thunderhawk to tinker with
Megasnap:- Desk Accessory to capture your own graphics
Sconvert:- Convert your sound samples between different formats and frequencies
Stereo Replay:- A demo of Microdeal's true stereo sampler - the first to run on all STs
Fastram:- The fully configurable RAMdisk utility
Joystick:- Read the joystick inputs using GFA Basic
STF Cover Disk #30a Jan 1992
Populous 2:- Tyrannise the universe in this playable demo of the best god-game ever
Baby Jo:- Sneak preview! Romp round this playable platform demo
Bigeye:- Psychedelic STOS demo complete with source code
Entombed:- Full platform puzzle-'em-up
Midi:- Music file from Dave Clackett
Divert:- Redirect drive input/output
Rename:- Give files a personal touch
Disk #30b
Sequencer One:- Unique ST Format version of this top music sequencing package - uses MIDI or the sound chip editor included
Canvas:- Start creating beautiful pictures with one of the most versatile ST graphics packages ever
STF Cover Disk #31 Feb 1992
Stereo Master:- Useable preview of Microdeal's new budget stereo sampler
Revenge Of The Mutant Camels:- Exclusive and complete. Beg for mercy in Jeff Minter's frenzied camel shoot-'em-up
Essential Utilities:- Text editor, Text viewer, Picture viewer, File identifier, Accessory selector, Mouse accelerator Free memory program, RAMDisk #, Caps indicator, Fully functional calculator
GFA Basic:- create simple menus
STF Cover Disk #32 March 1992
Kozmic:- Exclusive STF version. Generate your own freaky psychedelic patterns with this unique and dazzling program
Knightmare:- A complete level. Role-play you way through a special, fully playable level of devilish dungeon delving
STOS STE:- Get at your STE's juicy bits - 4,096 colours, stereo sound, hardware scrolling and more - with STOS STE, a fully working STOS extension
Fastbase:- Get organised with Fastbase, a comprehensive, polished database
Mandel Boot:- Boot up with Mandel Boot, an anti-virus Mandelbrot generator
Auto-Capture:- Catch files from your modem using Auto-Capture
No Click:- Use No Click to stop that annoying keyboard click
Marrow:- Scroll simply through your documents with Marrow
STF Cover Disk #33a April 1992
Raytrace Magic:- Create dazzling pictures like these with our two ray tracing programs and complete guide
Leander:- Leap and slash your way past vicious armed guards in this playable preview of Psygnosis' manic new platform game
A complete puzzle / platform game
A fantastic fractal vegetation creator
Another STOS extension
Disk #33b
Write On:- Complete word-processing package worth £58.75. This complete FORMAT Gold winning package may be every word processor you'll ever need, all in one! Features include: Graphics printing , Over 20 fonts, Proportional spacing, Import your own pictures, User-defined macros, Powerfulparagraph tag layout system, WYSIWYG screen display, Support for most printers, Integral Mail Merge
STF Cover Disk #34a May 1992
Campaign:- Heavy metal thunder! Play General in a complete playable battle from Empire's new WWII tank clash
Volume:- Be creative! Build striking 3D shapes with Volume - a complete 3D rendering package
Intro Designer:- Exclusive! Complete! Create animated intros with sound!
Handy Mandy:- The best fractal generator ever?
STOS Extension:- Write programs to use your ST's MIDI ports
Canvas:- Complete art package - updated and improved version
Disk #34b
GFA Draft Plus 3:- Complete computer aided design program worth £99.99. Create your own plan drawings with this complete FORMAT Gold winning professional CAD package. Features include: Vector graphics accurate within 1mm at any magnification, Built-in 100 symbol library, Design and add custom symbols,Macro command language, Comprehensive icon controls, Draw and print out up to A0 size - total window
of over 4 feet square!, Supports 50 different printers, Multiple window functions, Variable zoom
STF Cover Disk #35a June 1992
Pacific Islands:- Fully playable mission from Empire's state-of-the-art tank blast
Super Card 2:- Exclusive! Brilliant fully-functioning database you can customise. Unique and easy to use card system
Astrological program:- Who the hell do you think you are? Calculate, interpret your birth chart with this exclusive astrological wonder
Codes:- Every Populous 2 level code
Utils:- Four utilities to enhance GFA Draft Plus
GFA Basic v3.5 fractal program
Trip-A-Tron map and wave definer
Eyes:- Your ST stares back at you
Disk #35b
GFA Special:- Three complete packages worth over £100
GFA Basic 3.5:- Create your own programs. This is the fastest and best BASIC language ever
GFA Assembler:- Produce lightning fast programs in machine code
GFA Raytrace:- Create you own incredibly detailed 3D pics in 512 colours on any ST
STF Cover Disk #36a July 1992
Fire And Ice:- A coyote in an aqualung stars in this manic new platform game from the Bitmaps
Super Boot 7.4:- Boot-up customiser - not available on any other coverdisk!
The Financier:- Exclusive and complete money manager
Cypher 2:- Scramble your files to keep them private
Utils:- GFA Menu Maker, Memory configuration program , GFA listings, Three GFA Raytracing utilities
Disk #36b
K-Spread 2:- A complete spreadsheet program worth over £50! Kuma's powerful spreadsheet program - the essential number-cruncher. Every financial, mathematical and statistical function you'll ever need, probably. Makes it easy to process any kind of data, from trigonometry to accounts. Runs in medium or high res
STF Cover Disk #37a Aug 1992
International Sports Challenge:- Dive in at the deep end with this demo of the sports challenge of the year
3D Picture:- Exclusive! Complete! Create stunners with this powerful 3D modelling package
Droid:- Complete platform blast
Concerto:- Fully useable demo of the new MIDI sequencer
Photochrome:- Convert QRT files into 4,096 colours on any ST and 19,200 on an STE
Utils: Turbo RAM disk and print spooler, Autosort, Stars STOS extension
Disk #37b
STOS:- Exclusive. Complete! Create your own games with this powerful BASIC language. 320 comprehensive commands to control sprites, music, scrolling, windows - you name it! (not TOS 2 compatible)
Animaster:- Brilliant complete sprite designer and animator. You can even add sprites into your GFA Basic programs
STF Cover Disk #38a Sept 1992
Sensible Soccer:- Absolutely brilliant football game - exclusive demo from Renegade
Mapper 2:- Easy! Create gorgeous sprites and maps with this powerful designer
Teserea:- Complete wacky falling block'-em-up
Misty:- Sexy STOS commands
System Beep:- Replace that beep with a sample
Typing Tutor:- Learn to touch type
Utils:- Disk-kit, Convert 4, GFA listing
Disk #38b
Spectrum 512:- A complete graphics program. Radical! The ultimate paint program. Use 512 colours at once for truly Technicolor pictures. Spectrum 512 includes all these functions: User-defined custom palette, Automatic graduated tints, 38 brush types, Magnify window, Anti-aliasing, Vary brightness, Flip, scale and rotate blocks, Up to 12 workscreens
Spec Code:- Add Spectrum 512 pictures into your STOS code with this exclusive program
STF Cover Disk #39a Oct 1992
Magic Story Book:- Illustrate, animate and add sounds to your own stories - creativity for kids of all ages
Dynamo:- Bound, gambol and leap around a fully playable level of Codemasters' latest platform game
Arcsys:- Excellent archiving utility with squillions of features
Zapenu:- Smart program launcher to make life easier
Gallery:- Slideshow program with bells an whistles
Utils: Midi Menu, Pack Ice
Disk #39b
Pro 12:- Totally awesome! Steinberg's 12 track sequencer. A host of powerful MIDI sequencing features including cut and paste, step editor, score editor and quantizing


STF Cover Disk #40a Nov 1992
Trip-A-Tron:- Seriously psychedelic and massively powerful light synthesiser with a huge Wow! factor
Cybernetix:- Furious and frantic arcade blaster from the top drawer
Enigma:- Totally encrypt you top secret messages
Sebra:- Run programs in high res with this brilliant mono emulator
AutoZeST:- Add slick interfaces to GFA Basic programs
Disk #40b
Talespin:- Combine text, graphics and sounds to create interactive adventures. Friendly mouse-driven environment,
The Grail - complete demo game, Import pictures or use Talespin's built-in art package Import your own sampled sounds, Manipulate graphics, Over 100 commands
STF Cover Disk #41a Dec 1992
Hyperbase:- Mix pictures, sound and text to create your own multi-media applications
Air Support:- Play general with a host of high-tech battle weaponry in this demo on the ultimate combat simulator
Sound Lab:- Feature-packed sampled sound editor
STOS Fix:- Persuade STOS to run on any ST or TT
GFA Spec:- Use stunning 512 colour Spectrum pictures in GFA Basic programs
GIF To RAW:- Picture file converter
Disk #41b
Protext v4.3:- Fully-integrated word processor including: Mail merge, File conversion , Pull-down menus, File selector, Block dragging
Maastricht:- Read the full test of the Treaty on European Union and decide whether Europe is for you!
STF Cover Disk #42a Jan 1993
The Last Arcadian:- Fantastic 3D flight-sim blast
Ozone:- It's cute, it's got platforms, it's got power ups, it's brilliant
Downfall:- Cunning two player snow-'em up
Space War:- The best version of the classic game, ever
Fractal Engine:- Loads of wacky Fractals
Improviser:- Demo of the musical improvisation program
Rubric:- Screen saver
Disk #42b
Knife ST:- Knife ST is the best disk editor you can get for your ST. It can salvage lost files, unerase data, repair disks, edit data, study memory locations and generally prowl around inside the mind of your ST
Michtron BBS v3:- It's the best bulletin board software you can get, that's why we use it for the ST Format BBS.
STF Cover Disk #43 Feb 1993
Noddy's Playtime:- The man with the hat is back in a delightful playable demo including the junior art package, Noddy's Paint Pot
Fractal Landscape:- Fly through a virtual landscape using this stunning fractal generator
Animation Tool:- Create animations, then compress them
Centipede:- Arcade fun is yours in this mushroom-blasting classic
STOS Compiler Fix:- No more incompatibilities
STF Cover Disk #44 March 1993
Picture Concept:- Give your screens a whole new twist with this great graphics utility
Grav 2:- A severe blasting all round
Insecticide:- Little bugs meet their maker
Picture Snatcher:- Grab program screens
Colour Dump:- Print in colour
M-Disk:- RAMdisk, disk copier, and cache accessory
Dslide:- The smoothest slideshow
Three desk accessories
STF Cover Disk #45 Apr 1993
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix:- Experience the exhilarating rush of Formula One racing, in this fully playable demo from Gremlin
No Second Prize:- Lean into those curves! A playable demo of Thalion's latest racing game (1Mbyte memory only)
Cardfile:- Brilliant address database
Source Code:- Secret codes for demos
Protext Dictionary:- Spell correctly
Errorbase:- Pin down error codes
4-7-11:- Get addicted to Patience
Desk Switch:- Lovely Desktop utility
STF Cover Disk #46 May 1993
The Biz:- Get your finances in order with this demo stunning of the stunning accounts package from Orpheus
Kubes:- Classic chaotic puzzler
Rayoid:- Bring on those asteroids
Balls:- Ball-'n'-mirror-'em-up
Fonts:- Two quality vector fonts
Joystick test:- Check your wagglers!
Midi song file:- Sensational demo
STF Cover Disk #47 Jun 1993
Legends Of Valour:- Playable demo of this revolutionary role playing game (1MByte only)
Galaxian:- Blast those alien scumbags
Picture Monitor:- Convert pictures invisibly
Zip:- Compress your files the ST Format way
Stomp:- Fiendish puzzle game - you'll be pulling handfuls of hair out
Abombinaball:- Bounce about collecting exploding bombs
DSP:- Make your samples sound better with Digital Signal Processing
STF Cover Disk #48 July 1993
Prism Paint:- Complete program. Full version of this amazing paint package (1MByte only)
Microprose's B17 Flying Fortress:- Playable demo of this stunning flight sim
Composer Two:- Complete MIDI sequencer - start making music
100 TOS 2 Icons:- And create hundreds more
Dungeon Master:- Complete solution
STF Cover Disk #49 Aug 1993
Persistence Of Vision:- The ultimate raytracer. Create your own photo-realistic pictures (1MByte only)
Chaos Engine:- Complete playable level of this brilliant arcade blaster (STFM owners need 1MByte)
Squish:- Avoid getting squashed in this cracking original game
Disk #Space:- Get more from your drives
Midi Files:- Treat your MIDI set-up
STF Cover Disk #50 Sept 1993

Civilization:- Huge playable demo (1MByte only)
Super Card 3:- Brilliant card-based database
Punt:- Frantic platform chicanery
Mega Depack:- Unpack packed files
Puzword:- Devious word puzzler
Runes:- Consult the mysteries of the stones
Chord Dictionary:- Suss those guitar chords
Big Life:- The classic game of life

STF Cover Disk #51 Oct 1993
Zool:- Superfast ant action
Fracplay:- Create fractals in up to 256 colours
Prensorium:- 50 levels of manic mayhem
The Missing Link:- Indispensable STOS extras
2.5MByte STE:- Give your STE 2.5MBytes of RAM
Speaking Clock:- Tell time with your ST
ZFolder:- Create folders from within programs
STF Cover Disk #52a Nov 1993
Magic Boy:- Demo of Empire's brilliant new platform game
Movie Master:- Create stunning animations on your ST
525:- Convert sound samples from other platforms
Buttonz Basic:- Run GFA Basic programs from this shell
Monkey:- Create convenient macros
Soma:- A cracking brain teaser
Squidgy 2:- Amazingly cute platform game
Disk #52b
Wordflair:- Powerful document processor with Word processor, Database, Calculator, Calendar,Graphing utility, also import text, images and GEM vector graphics. Note: 1 MByte only
STF Cover Disk #53a Dec 1993
Raystart:- Ultra-fast raytracing. Working 24-bit raytracing demo from Lexicor (1MByte only)
Skulls:- Manic Minesweeper clone. Scrolling version of the PC classic Minesweeper
POV Shell UK:- GEM shell program for the POV raytracer
System Information:- Delve into your ST internals with the brilliant Sysinfo
Disk #53b
Arabesque Professional:- High resolution bitmap and vector graphic art package. Worth £130. 1MByte onlyProfessional quality vector and bitmap design, All options fully functional - nothing disabled,Converts bitmap to vector graphics, Imports and saves Calamus CVG and GEM vector graphics
STF Cover Disk #54a Jan 1994
Hyperpaint 2:- Powerful painting at your fingertips. Atari's multi res paint package with GDOS. Worth £29.99
Spherical:- Weird and wonderful alien-blasting antics. Enigmatic platform game
Glossary:- Everything you're ever going to need to know about your ST
Utils: five more programs!
Disk #54b
KCS Omega:- The complete desktop MIDI system. Worth £275. (1MByte only)Up to 64 MIDI channels, Multitasks up to eight programs , Real-time graphic editing384 pulses per quarter note recording resolution, Loads and saves standard MIDI files
STF Cover Disk #55 Feb 1994
Frontier - Elite 2:- Demo of David Braben's space masterpiece (1MByte only)
Before Dawn:- Animated screen saver
DM Editor:- Redesign Dungeon Master
Backwards:- Play ST games on your Falcon
Audio Calculator:- Essential MIDI tool demo
Stomp:- Incredibly addictive sliding block puzzle
STF Cover Disk #56 Mar 1994
F1:- Fully playable demo of Domark's hit racing game (1MByte only)
Never-ending Colouring Book:- Fun children's colouring program
Desk FX:- Customise your desktop
Audio-Bass:- Handy music database
Mega 60:- Enlarge your game screen
Tandem:- Make full use of Drive B
STF Cover Disk #57 Apr 1994
Holocaust:- Speedy scrolling shoot-'em-up (1MByte only)
Thought!:- Demo. Unique ideas processor from Titan Designs (1MByte only)
UVK v6:- Exclusive demo of this huge virus basher
Trio Heli 2:- Arcade-style helicopter fun and strategy game
Goal! Cheat:- Edit your teams to win in Virgin's Goal!
Protect 6:- Keep your disk collection totally squeaky clean
STF Cover Disk #58a May 1994

Quartet:- Exclusive! Full version of Microdeal's digital music machine. Worth £49.954 channel sample sequencer, 4 demo voice sets to play with 10 demo songs as examples35 high quality sound samples, MIDI keyboard compatible, Handy sample conversion program

Disk #58b

Cannon Fodder:- Discover for yourself why war has never been so much fun with our playable demo from Sensible Software. (Works on all ST's except TOS 2.06)


STF Cover Disk #59 Jun 1994
Videomaster:- Latest version of Microdeal's brilliant digitiser software plus huge demo
Mouse KA Mania:- Revolutionise your ST's mouse pointer
Pothole 2:- Fast and addictive Boulderdash clone
Morph:- Create your own T2-style morphs
Quartet Player:- Play and alter your Quartet tunes
Supercard Upgrade:- The update to this popular database
Cheats:- A dozen cheats for Cover Disk #games
STF Cover Disk #60 Jul 1994
Snacman:- Hunt the ghosts again with this polished Pacman clone (1MByte only)
Music Mon:- Demo version of this great tracker program (1Mbyte Only)
SAM 2 Disk:- Exclusive direct-to-disk recording software for your ST
Deskpic:- Windows style desktop patterns
Bass Samples:- 20 new instrument samples for Quartet
Diskfree:- Keep a record of how much disk space you use
STF Cover Disk #61 Aug 1994

Well 'Ard:- A platform leaping head-bouncing romper- stomper
Digit 1.1:- Working demo of this great high res tracker (1MByte only)
Wordquiz 4:- Create your own wordsearch puzzles
Atari View:- Powerful text file reader for your ST
Boss Drum:- 55 Rhythmic drum sounds for Quartet
Twinz:- Match up the pairs as fast as you can

STF Cover Disk #62 Sept 1994
Medieval Chess:- Chess with a weird twist - it's an all-out battle to the death! (1MByte only)
Fastcopy 3:- The best PD disk copier you can get
Albion:- Tweak files with this powerful utility
Synths:- 10 super Korg samples for Quartet
T.O.C.:- Probably the best file converter ever
Digit Song:- STF's "That's easy for you to say" song
STF Cover Disk #63 Oct 1994
Quill:- Exclusive demo of the CGS doodling package
H.E.R.O.:- Play a complete level of this exclusive new ST stunner. 1MByte only
Herman:- Brilliant shareware bomb blasting fun
D.A.D.:- The Dynamic Address Database
Q. Player 3:- The best Quartet player in the world?
Tetris:- ACCessory version of this great game
STF Cover Disk #64a Nov 1994
Starball:- Possible the greatest ever PD game - here and now
Grafiek:- Create graphs to export in IMG format to a variety of sources
Quartet:- Two example tunes (plus voice set) for you to listen to
DA's Vector Pro:- The know-hoe accessory from this exclusive demo
Stickler:- Keep track of your daily reminders with this great utility
DosAcc v1.5:- Examine free memory and disk space with this handy ACC
Sebra v1.33:- Use high resolution programs with this nifty emulator
Error:- Stos accessory bringing light to those infuriating error messages
Pulldown:- Turn your annoying dropdown menus into the Mac-like variety
Disk #64b
Personal Pascal:- A complete programming language worth £90
DA's Vector Pro:- The program and module files
STF Cover Disk #65 Dec 1994
Jetpac:- The classic game on your ST. 1MByte only
Grafix:- Exclusive demo of IDS' art tutorial package
Dr Fox:- Start making your pools fortune now
Three Games:- the STF classic coin-op collection
Tiny Print:- Cram loads of text on to a single page
Timezones:- Know the time all over the world
STF Cover Disk #66 Jan 1995
Stardust:- Exclusive demo of this stunning shoot-'em-up. 1Mbyte, STE and Falcon only
Endurance:- Explosive virtual reality adventure on your ST!
Route Finder:- Latest version to help plan your trips
Wordfind:- The wordsearch game for all STs!
Calendar v1:- Play around with the majesty of time
Disk #Kit:- Brilliant ACC for manipulating disks
STF Cover Disk #67 Feb 1995
Smash Hit:- Superb tennis game from the author of Obsessive
Kaosdesk:- Transform and enhance your desktop with this vital utility
Homeworker:- Word processing for your children
MIDIGrid Pro:- Exclusive demo of this MIDI sequencer
Lottery:- Let your ST decide your lucky numbers
Quartet:- The winning tune from our challenge
STF Cover Disk #68 Mar 1995
Magic Storybook:- The latest version of this superb story creator
BBS Directory:- Exclusive full STF version of this essential utility
Taquin:- Attractive puzzle-'em-up for all STs
Jumble-Up:- Jigsaw creator and game using any Degas or Neo pic
PicSwitch 1.01:- View and print 20 image formats in any resolution
Stosser Document Displayer:- Text-file displayer
Autobort:- Prevent programs from auto-booting
STF Cover Disk #69 April 1995
Obsession:- Complete, unrestricted table from UDS. STE/Falcon only
Sound Lab v1.:- Latest version of this stomping sample processor
Chequebook:- Shareware program to keep track of your accounts
Format 3:- Format disks to different capacities
Magic Storybook:- Combined editor and game program file (1MByte)
One Jack:- Vital accessory for launching programs from anywhere
Hang About:- Scale the mountain in this tiny, but addictive game
STF Cover Disk #70 May 1995
Team:- Demo of Impact Software's groundbreaking footie title! STE and FALCON only. 1MByte required
Pablo Paint:- Full colour version of the French graphics package
525 v2.02:- The updated sample converter
Font Checker:- Perfectly formed Calamus utility
Spirit Ed:- Small, powerful ACC text editor
Clipart:- Loads of clipart for your collection
STF Cover Disk #71 Jun 1995
Hisoft C Interpreter:- Complete, industry standard programming language worth £20
Alien Thing:- Blast your way through an alien infestation in this exclusive demo! 1MByte required
Disk #Opus:- Ten disk utilities rolled into one
Music Box 2.6:- Database for your music collection
Tessera:- Demo level of this colourful puzzler
Magic Shadow:- Archive an entire disk in a single file
STF Cover Disk #72 Jul 1995
Substation:- Explosive level from this Doom blaster. STE and FALCON only. 1MByte required
Balls Up:- Complete game that's a cross between Pacman and Lemmings! Not TOS 2.06 or FALCON
Speed Of Light:- Version 3.8 of this fantastic GIF viewer
KIVI 1.37:- Brilliant off-line QWK reader
Finder 2.0:- Find any string of text from any drive
Boot Manager:- Small, effective boot-up utility
STF Cover Disk #73 Aug 1995

Hollywood Hustler:- Demo. Can you out bluff your ST at poker. 1MByte required (NOTE all files in the folder are needed, the TOS file extracts "missing" files)
Sweet Sixteen:- Fully working Swedish MIDI sequencer
Falcon Quartet:- Quartet song player for Falcons
Quadrix:- 3D noughts and crosses game
Curtains 2:- Hide your screens from prying eyes
Rendezvous:- Exclusive images from Systeme

STF Cover Disk #74 Sept 1995
Hypergem:- Discover multimedia magic with this authoring program
Utils:- Goin' Down, Bombs Away, Picscan 2.6, Pysgham, Whatis 6.7, Sebra, Big Colour, Sprite WorksScore MIDI file
STF Cover Disk #75 Oct 1995
Realms Of Reality:- Battle all sorts of monsters in this excellent swords and sorcery RPG (1MByte required)
Utils:- Substation, Picfib 1.1, Rescue ST, Desk Clock, Let 'Em Fly, STOS Screen SaverExtra Level For Substation and some Assembly Files
STF Cover Disk #76 Nov 1995
Demo Games:- Xenomorf 2, STarioland
Utils:- Rezrender, Substrainer, HRAM Disk, BIC, Play AVRSample 3D Files FIMP MIDI File Player Sounds Of Success Winners Assembly Files
STF Cover Disk #77 Dec 1995
Deluxe Paint:- Exclusive! Complete and unrestricted version of Electronic Arts' celebrated paint package.Winner of the first ever FORMAT Gold!
Extras:- Strip Cartoon, ST Diary, Breakout, Three file packers
Bootsave:- Backs up the bootsectors of games and demos
Pipetris:- A cross between Tetris and Pipemania
Sebra v1.33:- High-res monochrome monitor emulator
STF Cover Disk #78 Jan 1996
World Wide Web Pack:- All the software you need to cruise the Internet!
Killing Time:- Arcade game
Utilities:- ST Tools 1.93, Menuinfo 2.41, Penpal 1.2, Blink 30., Gooffy, DSP Files For Falcon
STF Cover Disk #79 Feb 1996

Breakthru:- Demo of Software Technology's flagship MIDI sequencer with sample support. All Ataris, 1MByte only
Traped 2:- Prepare to get seriously addicted to the ultimate light cycles game! All STs, 512K required. (Not Falcon)
Supercard 3.13:- We reckon this is the greatest shareware database ever, and here's the latest version for you to find out why.
Timetalk:- Demo of this musicians' tool gives you a fully working delay calculator. All Ataris, high rez only
MIDI Files:- MIDI Magic has provided no fewer than 15 commercial MIDI files for your personal delectation All Ataris, sequencer or FIMP required
HTML Files:- Make the most of last month's Internet Access Pack Cover Disk #with these example files and images
Cola Calc:- Discreet yet easily accessible, this programmers' calculator will suit everyone
Back Up:- Don't risk losing all that precious data - back up your disk!

STF Cover Disk #80 March 1996
Positive Image:- Exclusive demo of this new image processing package (1MByte required)
Deadland:- Public domain game similar to Cannon Fodder. (1MByte required)
Utils:- IMCON 1.1, Free Space, 3D Files Ace Of Hearts Game Loader HTML File for WWW Pack
STF Cover Disk #81 Apr 1996
Crystal Atari Browser (CAB) 1.0:- The very latest version of Atari's greatest WWW browser (1mb required)
Zaptastic:- Falcon / STE only
Utils:- The Espers, Easy Go 2.0, Costa 1.34, Palrestore, MIDI file for the score
Text Files:- Tutorial on Atarinos, Atari BBS List
STF Cover Disk #82 May 1996
Zero-X 1.51:- Fully working demo of this highly regarded sample editor (1mb required) Snoball From Hell
Utils:- Antidote 3.7, UDO 4.0E, STOS Xtra Extension 3.21, Jayformat, Startgem, Folder Fix, 16-bit Samples
STF Cover Disk #83 June 1996
Marcel + Dictionary:- Powerful word processor for all Ataris, plus dictionary for 1mb machines
Bio Hazard 2:- Exclusive demo
Start-It 3.03:- Boot utility
Utils:- Generic STOS Fixer 1.1, IPRN Printer Accelerator
STF Cover Disk #84 July 1996
Bang And Blastman:- Superb two-player Bomberman clone for all Ataris (1MByte required)
Probe House:- Expense Manager 2.0 (PHEM 2)
Magic Stones Bubbles:- A screen saver that displays relaxing bubbles on your monitor
Utils:- Disk #Check 2.3, Undelete, Requiem Walkthrough, Contact
QBackup v1.00:- Quick Backup utility
STF Cover Disk #85 Aug 1996
Island Strike:- Superb shoot-'em-up from Tony Greenwood (1Mb required)
Face Value:- Demo
Utils:- ZControl, Img-View, CPX Modules, Marcel 2.3.4, Maxidisk 2.2
1st Guide 04/96:- Multimedia viewer
STF Cover Disk #86 Sept 1996
Video Supreme Demo:- Exclusive version of this video titling software
Utils:- Selectric 1.40E, ST-Guide 1.4E, Toys, STD Codes CPX, Dirsort 1.1
Utils:- Maxidisk, Bomb Squad, Accessory 1.3, Cubase Example