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My girlfriend and I , have spend many days in reorganizing the floppyshop database into a online searchable one. It is a shame that such collections just end up as collector items and just stored away and forgotten about. I feel there are a lot of "lost" and potentially useful programs in the collection which can still be of some use even today. The entire floppyshop gold series is now online with a searchable database and every file is downloadable.

If you want to download the entire lot, then please just download the archives on the exxos forum


If searching for a particular floppy number like UTL.28 , all the numbers have been converted into the 4 digit numbering system later used by floppyshop. Also fullstops in disk names have been replaced by dashes. So UTL.28 becomes UTL-0028. If you search for "UTL 28" you will get any disk which has those 2 numbers on them AND "UTL". Searching for "UTL" in the utils section will in fact find every disk in the list. Searching for "28" would return any disk with number 28 in it.

To narrow the search, you can use the + sign which will search for the exact match. For example, "TOS" would return any disk with TOS in it, "TOS VERSION" would return any disk with TOS and VERSION in it, but "TOS+VERSION" will list the exact phrase only. You can of course search for names like "noisetracker" but it may not be listed as all one word in the catalogue. So searching for "noise tracker" would possibly work better.

Each disk is downloadable. All the floppyshop files are online, though there have been many discrepancies in the catalogues to the disks, I have tried to fix all this as best as possible, but it looks like the catalogue supplied on the floppyshop gold collection might be a older version as there are a few disks which are not listed in the catalogue..

As There was a ST & Falcon catalogues, they have been merged into single sections. So ST utilities & Falcon utilities are all now in one single utilities section. All the Falcon disks have been renamed to FALC-xxx as there was some conflicts with filenames in the ST catalogue. It is still clear by the FALC-xxx filenames that they are Falcon disks as not to confuse with ST utility disks.

The programming sections have all been merged into one section. Overall there was only a few disks in some sections and it wasn't worth having a different file section for every language.