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My new forum dedicated to hardware support of my products and general hardware issues.


The LaST Upgrade -

Guides to all my hardware upgrades for the Atari ST range of computers.

Web store -

Atari kits & upgrades, spares, repairs and much more.


The definitive STOS archives and most recent updates

Mags & CoverDisks -

ST format, Atari World, Atari Computing magazines and coverdisks

PD Archives -

Searchable & downloadable database of FloppyShop PDL

My Music -

All my Trance Techno type music I have created in past years - MP3 format.

Game Menus -

Automation, pompy pirates, medway boys, and more to come soon!

Mirrors -

A few un-ofical website mirrors. Mirrors were taken of sites either lost, or in fear of being lost.


After supporting the Atari community for the best part of 30 years in hardware fixes, upgrades, software preservation and more, please consider making a donation.

Who is exxos.

Introduction of sorts.

Exxos publications

Various articles about all sorts of topics Atari and otherwise.